Friday, 16 November 2007

Babe_KL Had Bad Food Too at Delifrance!!!

To follow up with KY's bloody (pun intended) experience with Delifrance yesterday, this was mine, today...

Delifrance's Sausage Pasta

This was the sausage pasta from it's ala carte menu but I thot I was having prawn mee!!!! Well I was careful at least not to order the chicken thigh which was today's set menu haha moreover I was invited for lunch, so I had to be polite.

This happened at Delifrance, The Weld. Luckily I downed 2 cups of hot tea there and now on my second in the office.


  1. Eeeewwkk..! but i donch really expect much from delifrance.. even though they charge premium.

  2. burma or thai mispower issit ?
    we got dave deli shock in Subang Parade too ( workers slow motion )
    then sauce got chemical taste one

  3. I hope at least its olive oil. A bit healthy lah. Didnt know they serve more than the normal danish pastries and french loaf.

  4. hahaha, at least not as bad a health hazard compared as mine.

  5. Looks like the pasta's soaked in oil eh?

    I've been there for their pasta and it was tasteless (I was too lazy to even blog about it) haha. I think they're better in serving pastries and sandwiches..

  6. wmw, wat do u think? muahahaha

    mamabok, yeah its very disappointing these days. i dun even buy pastries from them.

    team bsg, euuwww

    flower, a few outlets they converted to bistro

    uh-huh, KY and lucky I din hv to pay for it

  7. l'abeille, i blogged cos KY blogged about it hehehe

  8. it was a bad dinner at the new Delifrance in KK tt made me launch my food blog!!great tastebuds taste alike...

  9. banned Delifrance! i ordered stewed lamb and it was chilling inside, dxmn it!


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