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Review: Chuka Cafe



Since I came in super early today, so I better quickly do this up!!!

Tucked away in a faraway land towards the old Subang Airport is this Japanese eatery located in a condominium block called Chuka Cafe. This place has been around for a long while but I never got round to check it out until my brother spent dinner sometime back. When we were there, the other 3 tables were occupied by some Japanese. Seems like this place is well patronised by the Japanese community in that area. As this dinner was eaten quite some months back, my memory of the items are pretty vague but let's just see if I can jog it out as I go on typing.

First up were the gyoza of minced meat and chives which we all liked. 2 plates of them disappeared quickly.

Chuka - Gyoza RM8.00 Chuka - Gyoza filling

Next, we have this Buta Kakuni which is Japanese stewed pork in soya sauce. Pretty similar to Chinese style Tau Yew Bak but this is slightly on the sweeter side and ohhh the pork is sooooo tender. I stole a small bite of the fatty part and it does melt in my mouth! Best if have eaten with plain rice.

Chuka - Buta Kakuni RM12.00

Our orders range from Genki Kara Ramen (spicy soup with seafood and vegetable); Tonkotsu Ramen (sliced pork and seaweed); pork rounds ramen (not sure of the name since I didn't order this, judging from the pic, looks like shoyu ramen); Gyu Niku Ramen (beef noodles which I had and I would say it's good. The thinly sliced beef literally melt in the mouth.); and Katsu Don.

Chuka - Gengki Kara Ramen RM14 Chuka - Tonkotsu Ramen RM14.00
Chuka - Pork Ramen Chuka - Gyu Niku Ramen RM14

Chuka - Katsu Don RM14.00

Even though the ramens were tasty but there's a major concern with some of them complaining the ramen were too salty to their palate. I can't blame them since we're more used to bland food. We should have told the wait staff during ordering to tone down the salt. So, remember huh, if you're not used to salty food, do inform them in advance.

When you enter the condominium, you'll need to give your particulars in exchange for a visitor plate to be displayed on your dashboard. You can park right in front of the main entrance of the block where the cafe is located.

Chuka Cafe
Saujana Villa Condominium,
13 Lingkungan Golf Saujana
Subang, Selangor
Tel : (603) 7846 7664
lat 3.106446 long 101.581779
Opening Hours: Mon -Sun 12.00pm - 2.30pm & 6.00pm - 9.30pm

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  1. i love a good gyoza! It's hard to get used to eating less salt so u guys are doing so well!

  2. My favourite .. gyoza..! but the ones in singapore at Margaret drive is the ones i missed most. Maybe is the vinegar.. muahahah!!

  3. It's hard not to like gyozas...great ingredients in nice pan fried packages...what's not to like? ;)

  4. Tonkutsu ramen looks delish!!! The soup looks milky and tasty!!!!

  5. daphne, i've been living on less salt since i was a child hehe

    mamabok, vinegar + soy sauce!

    yammy & bee, seems like we hv lots of gyoza lovers eh

    pea, try it one day

  6. I want a bowl of Tankiasu Ramen please!!

  7. jason yumyum

    hey sexy, you preparing for us is it?? hehe


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