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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 24 March 2006

IMBB#24: Make it in 30 Minutes

Gosh, I've missed out so many events in the food blogsphere. It's time to catch up. This round of Is My Blog Burning is hosted by Too Many Chefs. When I first saw the theme for this month, it seems to be a pretty easy challenge but I had a tough time deciding what to cook for a complete meal within 30 minutes or less from scratch. I have just too many choices ranging from fried noodles, fried rice, noodles topped with minced meat, stir fry meat and vegetables dish served with white rice, pasta etc etc etc.... I'm totally whooshed out.

In the end I opted for a simple Chicken, Ginger and Mushroom Fried Rice inspired by the Vietnamese stall located at Bukit Bintang Plaza after checking the fridge that I've some leftover white rice. Well technically I guess this can be accepted otherwise just use the microwave to cook some rice and keep aside whilst preparing the rest of the ingredients. My microwave oven can cook 2 portion of rice within 12 minutes.

I've some chicken fillet that I've diced into small cubes. Marinaded with some soya sauce, corn flour, pepper and dash of sesame oil. Next I washed some French beans and carrot for some colour. Diced them into similar size. I've some oyster mushroom which I just wiped clean with paper towel. Tore them into reasonabily bite size pieces. Do not wash them with water as they'll soak up the water and make your rice soggy. I sliced 2 cloves of garlic and a knob of ginger into thin strips.

I scrambled up some eggs in some oil, dish it up and set aside. Heated up some oil in the wok and fry the garlic and ginger strips till fragrant. Watch out and keep stirring as they brown easily. Added in the chicken and slowly stir them apart and let them brown a bit. Quickly dumped in the French beans and carrot. At this juncture, I added in some salt and fish sauce to taste. Once the vegetables are cooked, stirred in the mushroom. Gave them a good stir before adding in the rice and egg. Mixed them up well and seasoned with some soya sauce and pepper to taste.

There... a hearty amd wholesome (loaded with carbo, protein and fibre) meal all within 30 minutes including the washing up of the wok and cleaning up the kitchen!!! No kidding ok and I do not have a domestic helper. Try it out!

ginger mushroom chic fried rice copy

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