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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 31 March 2006

Review: Buns From Federal Bakery

Remember this???

fed cream horn

This is a cream horn but I can't remember what is the current name though which I've seen certain bakeries selling them. Back in the good old days, this cream horn was a treat to me and my brothers. On special treats days, my dad will call us out when the Roti (bread) Man come by each evening to deliver bread in his trusty bicycle which was later upgraded to a motorbike. I still remember the smell of a delicious Sunshine brown bread wrapped in colourful waxed paper!!! Hmmm... I wished they could bring back Sunshine breads in Kuala Lumpur!!! I saw these cream horns recently when I walked into Federal Bakery along Jalan Ampang (diagonally across Standard Chartered Bank). Hohoho... I can still recall vividly how my brothers and I savoured them by peeling the pastry in a spiralling manner, slowly eating the pastry and leaving the bulk of the cream fillings to be devoured lastly. Those were the days...

Federal Bakery is an old school kinda bakery. They still bake breads and deliver round the households. My dad still favoured their loaf bread over High 5 or Gardenia which he deemed them as if like eating cotton wool! Anyway, it was closed to lunch time when I passed by this bakery when I suddenly remembered one of my colleague had recommended their Milk Buns that I had to turn back.

The moment I stepped inside, the nostalgic feeling kinda like slowy crept in... on my right was a tray of cream horns and next to them was sponge cakes covered in butter cream!!!! Wow... they still sell such cakes!!! Amazing!!!! These cakes decorated with pink, green and red butter cream ribbons topped with biscuit flowers sort of reminded me of my birthday cakes when I was a child. Awww too bad my photos are at my parents place, else I could have shown them all here heh...

There were trays of sardine buns, kaya buns, coconut buns etc and I have never seen such huge buns for some time... amazing... Back to my mission, I saw the Milk Buns and on top of them were buns topped with coconut flakes and sugar. The guy manning there told me they are all Milk Buns but the other one is with additional coconut flakes topping and they are all still warm and fresh out of the oven. I grabbed one each of the Milk Buns and of course one cream horn. The Milk Buns came in a loaf of 6 buns. Errrr... I'm not too sure of the price as I suspected the man had under charged me. I didn't realised it as there is no display of price for the Milk Bun but I know the cream horn is RM1.00. Will find out next time.

I tell you, I have never seen my female colleagues so excited when I passed them the buns hahaha... They quickly opened the plastic bag and took one bun each even though they were complaining they just have a heavy lunch, hahaha they can't resist them. I took one myself... fuiiyooohhh the buns were soooo fluffy and soft. There is a hint of sweet buttery taste but yet not oily at all. Soooo cottony!!! Sooooo nice... looks like I may need to make more trips there since there isn't many Federal Bakery around Kuala Lumpur. Looked kinda ordinary huh???

fed milk bun

We ate the coconut flakes topped buns later and find them equally as nice. The flakes lend a fragrant aroma to the Milk Buns. My only problem was the sugar on top which made my fingers all so sticky but problem solved after some fingers licking hehehe of course within the confinement of my cubicle.

fed coconut milk bun

Those of you who are around my age (*ahem* you know who you are or know what I'm talking about!!!! SSShhhhh...!!!), if you feel like going back down memory lane, step into...

The Federal Bakery
39 & 41 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2078 4062

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Unknown said...

They're still opposite the old Standard Chartered, eh? I'm not sure if the bank is still there, but there was a Klinik Young & Newton there as well.

Spot said...

Oh my god, I've forgotten about Sunshine bread!

It's the memory of the wax paper wrapping that recalls the nostalgia those bygone days.

Babe_KL said...

yeah yeah tigerjoe, right opposite there!

spot, i still remember the colourful picture on the wax paper - mountains, rising sun, flowers... wow!!!

Flower said...

I remember all that because we used to buy bread from the federal bakery bread man. Another thing that they sell is biskut suji which was yummy and also curry puff. Some how all the childhood foods that we had while growing up tasted better than the current one....

Babe_KL said...

i have to agree with you flower. things aren't the same as those days huh?

Audrey Cooks said...

Great! another foodblogger in the same age bracket...I remember those cream horns real well but didn't know where to get them. In Penang, I use to eat them every weekend. Bought them at TipTop,Snow Top bakeries. Hmmm love them. Thanks for that post!

Babe_KL said...

thanks for dropping audrey, glad this post remind you of your childhood ;-)