Monday, 13 March 2006

My Pot Is All Cleaned

Thanks for all the warm wishes whilst I'm recovering from the burnt pot incident. Physically I'm fine, as for mentally, hubby and I are coping pretty well too. I guess it didn't hit us very hard as we have read about blighted ovum when our friend experienced this a couple of months back. We were told there isn't any sign of fetus nor heartbeat during my first visit to the gynae for a scan. The sac was there and I was confirmed pregnant but we can't see anything inside. It was all BLACK. He kept it positive, brushing off that I might have got my date wrong and it's too early to detect the fetus. However, he did warn us to prepare ourselves. 2 weeks later we brazed ourselves to the clinic and true enough my gynae can't seems to detect any heartbeat and it was rather difficult to search for the sac. The black image on the monitor had turned hazy. The d&c was scheduled within that week.

I had my check up last weekend and I'm in a clean bill of health. It was a fast and painless procedure but it's the semi-confinement thingy that is pretty painful. I can't eat cooling stuff ie cabbage, Chinese cabbage (wong nga pak), icey stuff, tea, fruits aiyeyeye... Just like during my confinement days but thank goodness I can shower and wash my hair everyday! Still have another week to go, just to be on the safe side.

I was lucky to have my mom taking care of the meals while I was on medical leave. I had had womb warming soups with plenty of ginger (something that I'm not very fond of and you know Kuala Lumpur was super hot two weeks ago??? Urrghhh imagine the heat generated.), rice wine, Chinese Angelica (tong kwai), herbal soup and double boiled chicken essence which literally kept me awake!!! Ate lots of rice wine chicken cooked with loads of ginger strips and black fungus and not forgetting the delicious sesame oil chicken. Sorry, no pictures taken cos I was too busy enjoying and resting for that few days.

Well, I'm so sorry to keep you guys from any updates. The streamyx at my parents seems to be a tad slow and its a pain to load pages. Then my boiboi keep wanting to surf hitentertainment website to colour or play Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train and Barney games, so much so of having some rest huh?

I'm still working at client's site which it's not very convenient me to post anything here nor leave any comments at your blogs. Well, I do read blogs once in a while when I have some time to spare, just not convenient to leave any message. I hope you guys do understand.

I hope I can post more cos my hardisk is bursting to the brim with all the photos that I've taken the past few months. It's gonna be a long long backlog. Will post more when possible. Once again, I would like to thank you all for all the support and caring words in time like this. I'll be back!

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