Monday 27 March 2006

Masala Tea

Occasionally we brew our own Masala Tea otherwise hubby and I would order this tea at Indian restaurants. This recipe is from a Malaysian Women Weekly recipe card which I find the spices and tea are at the right balance. I've tried it with fresh milk and sugar but somehow maybe because it's low-fat milk, the tea didn't turn out creamy. I have tried using a non-low fat and evaporated milk version but they still lacked oommph. I find that using condensed milk gave a very rich and creamy tea. Feel free to experiment yourself.

masala tea

Masala Tea

6 cups water
5 cardamoms
3 cloves
3 cm cinnamon
20 ginger slices
2 tbsps tea leaves
Milk and sugar to taste

Crush or grind cardamoms, cloves and cinnamon lightly. Bring water to boil with the spices and tea leaves for 5 minutes. Strain tea. Add sugar and milk when serving.

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  1. babe,

    I tried this tea before in Passage through India. Find it abit "powerfull". Maybe not used to the strong spicy taste.

    Nice photo by the way!

    -BKT King-

  2. wow... that looks super good...

    Thanks for the recipe!!!

  3. Yes, we do that as well sometimes at home.. It's very delicious!

  4. BKT, u might wanna try this version, it's not very strong. otherwise cut down on the spices.

    no problem nkw ;-)

    i have to agree with u dat it's delicious, zara's mama

  5. skip the sugar. secret to good chai is using both condensed (sweetness) and evaporated (milkiness) milk. learnt this from my "kaur" friend...

  6. aha thanks a lot shazalina... more experimenting this weekend :D


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