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16 Oct 2012

Sunday, 19 March 2006

Fruit Cake

This is really a long overdue post...

I baked this Fruit Cake during Christmas and cured it for a month in time for Chinese New Year. I still have one loaf in my fridge which I'm still diligently drizzle brandy over it from time to time. *hic*

In a clean glass jar, I've soaked the mixed fruits in brandy for a week in the fridge before using them. Here was how they looked like after a week.

fruits in brandy

Mixed fruits and nuts boiling in orange and lemon juice.

fruits cooking in juice

This recipe managed to yield me 2 loaves and a square cake (I'm not sure of the measurement) and this were how they looked like after baking. (Click to enlarge the pics which looked absolutely gorgeous when blown up).

fruit cake

fruit cake loaf

I've drizzled the cakes with brandy once a week and placed them in the fridge all wrapped up in cling wrap and heavy duty foil before stuffing them inside Tupperwares which you can see some of them in here.

We savoured the square cake during Chinese New Year and it was splendid. Just moist enough and the proportion of fruits and nuts with the cake was just right. However, it was best after opening the cling wrap and foil and air it for a while before serving. Just let the liquor vapourised a bit else the brandy smell was kinda overwhelming. You see we can't help ourselves after cutting the fruit cake hahaha... everybody seems to enjoyed a piece or two over tea.

sliced fruit cake

The recipe that I've roughly based upon was from Amy Beh which was published in Kuali. I have plus minus on the fruits and nuts. Still worked out well though. Do give it a try during the next festive season.


Real Azuki said...

wow, you're amazing! These fruit cakes look so great and I bet they taste great too!! Homemade and healthier version. I wish I could have a slice on each no kidding. So tempting!

Babe_KL said...

hahaha thanks real azuki, best part its not very sweet

KC.Lee said...

I have try. The cake sink. Any reason ?

Babe_KL said...

kc lee, i've no idea why cos i've make this countless times and never happened. i checked on the net and found these...

Some Reasons Why Cakes Sink or Fall In The Middle:

Cakes will sink or fall because:

1). Overbeating – too much air is incorporated into batter.

2). Underbaking - Oven temperature too low and/or too short a baking time.

3). Over or under measurement of liquid or under measurement of flour.

4). Using too small or large of a baking pan.

5). Moving or jarring cake before sufficiently baked or opening the oven door before cake sets.

Note: Only open oven door if absolutely needed, one-half to three-quarter's way through baking.

6). The most common error has to do with the oven temperature. Make sure you have an oven thermometer to test your oven for accuracy.

7). Depending on the recipe if you fold in egg whites, if not beaten fully or folded in too harshly, the cake could fall.

8). Even creaming the butter and sugar too much or too little can cause problems.