Wednesday 16 November 2005

Review: Sapporo Noodle House

**Non-Halal Post**

I better post this up before I forget. Been trying to post up stuff the past few days but my line was erratic hence I gave up till today.

We chanced upon Sapporo Noodle House when we were looking a place to have our lunch around Low Yat Plaza and I can't recall why we ended up going up and down the Federal Bowl side of the alley. My colleague was browsing thru their menu board when someone came out to usher in to try their ramen. I tell you, their chef, Jacky Lim is a kickass salesman hahaha... He managed to convinced us in and recommended us some ramens and stuff. His main selling point - WE DON'T USE MSG!!!

I've been to Sapporo Noodle House the past one year, it was pretty good but somehow it slacked. Seems like they're not that consistent but overall they're a okay. Therefore I didn't bothered to post it up here, plus I did not take any photos at all since I was with my colleagues most of the time. Ermmm this blog is my secret playground where not many of my colleagues knew about plus my *ahem* such glamour nick will make them roll around the floor in laughter.

Anyway, back to this place. Jacky told us they started off with the outlet at The Mall (what's the current name huh? Putra's Place??), 7 years ago. Their main clientele are Japanese. It seems like their second outlet in Federal Hotel too attracts Japanese during dinner hours. However the many times we went during lunch, it's usually us and another table will be filled. This outlet in Federal Hotel is holed up in a pretty small lot with minimal decor. The tables and chairs are of those kopitiam type. Oh yeah the other thing I dread going there is the kitchen is sort of like open concept, hence you get to smell the cooking fumes. Arrrghhh my whole body smelled of stale oil urrghhh, not very pleasant okay. I haven't been to outlet at The Mall, so I've no idea how it looked like.

I've tried Ghau Zhau Ramen, Char Siew Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Braised Pork Ramen, Beef Ramen etc... they're all pretty good except sometimes I find the soup base slightly on the salty side. Could be because I'm used to less salt dishes??? They have udons and rice dishes as well. The ramen texture is just right. Price per bowl range from RM10-12 or around there... can't really recall. The portion is slightly on the large side but it's not overly huge. They have fried rice too. If you can't decide, they have sets comprise of ramen, fried rice and gyoza but in smaller portion. Price is about RM16-18. Not too bad eh?

Do order the side dishes like gyoza, terriyaki chicken (wooo this one is superb), spring rolls, terriyaki sake, sabo shioyaki etc etc... Actually this small little shop have loads of variety, I haven't get to try everything yet.

Now the main thing I wanna blog about this is not mainly on the food BUT the offer. Yeah it's 50% discount. Hehehe... YES, you heard (read) me!!! They're offering 50% off on all their ramen but not on the udon, rice or side dishes. Really value for money. Fantastic strategy as it's hard to get a table past 1pm these days. No need to hurry there okay as they told us the promotion is on going till indefinite. Promotion is on for both lunch and dinner too.

Arcade B2, Federal Bowling (next to Kameya)
Ground Floor, Federal Hotel.
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4045 7669 / 012-616 6571
Opening Hours: 12.00pm - 2.00am


Lot 1.21, 1st Floor,
The Mall (opposite PanPacific KL), Jalan Putra,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-616 6571
Opening Hours: 11.00am - 9.30pm

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