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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Austrian Coffee Cake

Sorry for the hiatus. Been so busy with my boiboi during the long holidays, no time to even rest my feet! I've baked this cake before the holidays but haven't got the chance to post it up. I was browsing thru my old copies of Flavours magazine and chanced upon this recipe which so happened I've all the ingredients at home that weekend. It seems like the cake base is a butter cake and to get the coffee flavour, one need to make a coffee kinda syrup to be poured onto the cake after baking.

Here's the recipe which I'm too lazy to type out. I know me really bad... infringing copyright of the mag so please jot down the recipe before I take them away. Click to enlarge.

This is the mixture before placing into the oven. I've used two loaf pans instead of a round one as specified in the recipe.

And this was how the cake turned out after baking.

After cooling it slightly, I made the sauce and splitted them into two batches. I can't locate my brandy. Darn... I hunted high and low but can't find any. Checked thru the liqour bottles... I've Kahlua. So I've used Kahlua instead of brandy since it's coffee sauce anyway. The other batch I kept it alcohol free for my boiboi. Heh so now you know why I've made two loaves. I poured all of them onto the cakes and they produce very moist cakes. In fact a bit too soggy for my liking. Next time I'm gonna reduce the liquid to 200ml or even lesser. For a stronger coffee flavour do add a little more coffee powder. I wonder how would the cake taste if I substitute with thick kopi-o (local black coffee) or a couple of expresso shots... must be pretty aromatic. Can't wait for my next attempt.

Here's how the sliced cake looked like. Check out the slightly dark patches... those were the areas where the coffee sauce ran thru. I have to admit the liqour one tasted better as the coffee flavour is stronger. Overall, it's a lovely cake. Oh yeah, no icing cos I don't have any whipping cream on hand. Next round I'm gonna use brandy cos I found where they were later in the evening!!! Darn, what a bummer!

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BTW, do check out Lilian's tips on how to avoid baking a lousy butter cake.

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