Friday, 18 November 2005

New Food Mag Hit Kuala Lumpur!!!!

I was walking to my office this morning and I took a peek at the newstand. Whoa... a bright new magazine greeted me. I took out my purse and hurriedly dig in RM8 to pay for the colourful cover magazine.

The moment I hit my desk, I ripped off the plastic cover and flipped thru the mag and I have no regret parting my RM8! Every pages were filled with colourful mouthwatering food shots arrghhhhh... so the nice! Loads of recipes... gadgets (kitchen ones lah), tips on setting up your dining table and so forth graced the inaugural issue of FemaLe appetite. This food magazine is related to the popular women magazine Female. How great... as this one will definitely fill the void left by the defunct Home Cooking. Seems like Pelita Lim formerly from Home Cooking is contributing in the new mag too.

I doubt they'll be a competitor to Flavours as I can see that they're slightly different in terms of content even though they may have similar sections. Go buy one copy and find out yourself, check out the content.

The only sad thing about this mag is their tagline - The Food Magazine For Modern Women!!! Eh hello??? So sexist geh??? I'm sure there are many menfolks out there do read such magazine, no? Sometimes Lanatir reminds me to get my Flavours kekeke...

I have an issue with the Editor's Notes written by Vivian Chong. Since this is the inaugural issue, there is no brief introduction of the mag and no mention of the frequency of publication. Well you tell me if you managed to get such info from the mag since I merely browsed thru only. Will only read properly later, well maybe I missed it or something.

Oh yeah, in this current "modern" world, there is nary a single email address to submit our views or as somekind of contact to the team members of the mag. Woohooo... don't "modern women" use email these days rather than snail mail?? I googled for the publisher and found the Singapore company instead. Adoi..

Aside my grouses... please do get a copy. This inaugural issue come with a free Tupperware container... big enough to store a box of paperclips, chopped garlic, teeny bits of rice bubbles for your baby etc... and yes its the ori Tupperware brand one ok. So hurry before the mag vanished from the shelves!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT work for Blu Inc Media (the publisher) whether directly or indirectly and I don't get paid anything for this plug! Just wanna share with my fellow Malaysian Floggers. Happy weekend.


  1. Thanks for the info. Looks intereting, will get myself a copy soon. By the way, any interesting recipes inside?

  2. mycoffee, plenty of recipes in there, some r easy ones, some r gourmet stuff.


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