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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 10 November 2005

My New Toy: Sony Ericsson W800i

Two words for this phone digicam MP3 player mobile phone - IT ROCKS!!!!

Let's put it this way, this toy rocks for the below:

  • 2 megapixel digicam - super clear especially outdoor shots, has got macro function as well! Can record video.
  • It's a Walkman that plays MP3 files and FM radio. The Disc2Phone software could copy files from music CDs to the Memory Stick. It has MegaBass and stereo speakers too... whoa... superb sound with the earphone that came with the kit. Best is that the earphone uses soft silicon ear buds and it blocks off surrounding sound. No more missing foam sponges. The earphone kit has 3 different size ear buds to fit different ear sizes. This little orange devil can be plugged into TV, speakers, car stereos and different head/ear phones but Sony brand only I think but am not sure cos all one need to do is purchase the cable separately.
  • Came with a 512MB Memory Stick that can store up to 130 songs. Can use up to2GB Memory Stick.
  • Came complete with an USB cable to connect fast and easily with the PC. This is useful to move songs from PC to phone. When the USB cable is connected to this phone it also charges the phone battery. YAY!!!
  • 3D games, well not that I play games but should be able to keep my boiboi amuse.

So far there is only one major flaw... as a phone, the reception quality is not good at all and I knew another person who told me the same thing too. Even though I'm stationary, the reception is like as if I'm on the move especially driving thru some blind spots. Very disappointed since it should be a phone first. Maybe I should contact Sony Ericsson and see what they could do about it.

Sighh I guess we can't ask for more eh? Nothing is perfect. Plus it doesn't have EDGE... so no live video streaming for me. Oh yeah, even though the colours of bright orange and cream are very attractive but I find it not practical as the cream colour can easily show dirty finger prints, euuuwww...

Overall, OK lah, don't complain so much when it was supposed to be a "surprise" pressie. Thank you again Mr Gadget. You're such a darling!

For more details, click HERE and HERE. The Star's InTech journalist did a review on it too but he's just being too nice.

I've toyed around with my two digicams, lemme know which digicam produce better results by participating in the poll below. Thanks.

Sony DSC-F505V on the left or Casio EX-Z750 on the right. Click to enlarge.

w800-01 w800-03

w800-02 w800-04

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Which digicam gave better result?

Sony DSC F505V
Casio EX-Z750


q said...
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q said...

i need a new pink phone! :-D

have you got the camera phone pics up anywhere?

btw i have just updated dailyMalaysia with images from Raya. decided to take care of that week myself ;-)

Babe_KL said...

q, yeah i saw those pics, lovely. i hvnt upload to PC yet cos i hvnt been taking pics with it. only my boiboi played wid the cam function.