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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Instant Tummy Warmer

Been very busy and I can foresee that I'll be pretty busy with work till January... means lesser updates here. I have thousands things to write about but I just don't have the time. I'm sneaking in this quickie post... just like the title - Instant Tummy Warmer!!!

My friend Fake and his wifey recommended some people the tasty instant chapati they got from Tesco during the fasting month. Somehow they couldn't remember the brand of the chapati for all they always gotten them from Tesco. Since Tesco is miles away from my convenience, each time to the super or hypermart have me going through the frozen food section brazing the cold rummaging the packages in the chests in search for THE said chapati. After checking a few outlets, it seems there is only one brand that has chapati and that is Kawan. The rest of the stuff were mainly roti chanai, pratha, roti bom etc which I don't really fancy. Since they also mentioned that they have instant dhall and vegetable curries, so I gathered this must be the brand. So Fake & Soulpop, is this IT??? kekekeke

Anyhow, I grabbed a pack of chapati, forgot the price I think around RM3+ for 10 pieces. They looked like this in flat packaging.

kawan chapati

All one need to do is fry them in a non-stick pan for about 2 minutes or more on both sides. Best part me and my brother (<-- health freak these days after started going gym) agreed was no oil is needed. Superb! After frying... looked good ain't it? The chapati is fluffy and tasted fantastic immediately off the pan, if you plan to fry up loads of them, do find some way to keep them warm. However a little oil is detected on the surface most prolly to prevent them from sticking on the plastic sheets in between the chapatis. If you fry it slightly longer, the chapati became slightly crispy. So adjust the cooking time to your liking.

kawan chapati1 kawan chapati2

Nothing beat serving chapatis with curries... so Kawan has frozen curries as well. It's RM2+ per pack of two. It's not really huge pack, good enough for about 2 servings per pack. At the moment, there are dhall (rectangle pack) and vegetable (tube like pack) curries available. It's ohhh so convenient!

kawan dhall & vege curry kawan dhall & vege curry package

Just pop these packages into hot boiling water for a few minutes and voila, hot curries to be served with the chapatis. I find the dhall curry is slightly on the salty side but nevertheless thumb up for the thickness and taste. I simply love the vegetables curry!!!! My brother and I gave 2 thumbs up for this. Tasted so delicious that I drank this up like soup kekeke... Noticed loads of small pieces of vegetables like carrots, long beans, potatoes etc in the curry. These curries are not too spicy and the amount of spices used are just right, not overly heavy. Click to view the larger pics... dhall on the left, vegetables on the right.

kawan dhall kawan vege curry

Overall, a very satisfying meal without leaving the doorstep to go to the Mamak/Punjabi stall/shop. Great tummy warmer in an instant! I WILL stock them up in my freezer and cook some curry chicken to go with them. Hey, maybe can serve them as appetizer for parties... hmmm see what I could do with them later.

If you prefer to cook them up from scratch, Grab Your Fork has a lovely dhall recipe and Amy Beh's version of chapati or Clare's version. Read my review on Santa Chapati.

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