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Review: Chilli Pan Meen

**Non-Halal Review**

Pan Meen literally translated means board noodles, a spin-off from a Hokkien delicacies known as meen hoon kuay (sorry I'm not sure how to spell it) as these days people uses the noodle/pasta maker to churn out these noodles. They come either wet of a soup base of anchovies (ikan bilis) or dry (kon lo in Cantonese) in sauce made of black soya sauce. Accompanying these noodles are usually minced and sliced pork meat, julliened black fungus, shue tzai choy (darn I've no idea what's the actual name, anyone?) and crunchy deep fried anchovies.

Since there were many reviews on this chilli pan meen's place, I'm gonna be a story teller today instead. A little history of some sort and how it evolved to it's current status and situation...

It has been a long while since I last went to Auntie Peng's pan meen shop. Auntie Peng and her hubby used to lived in the same kampung as my parents. Yes, they do knew each other as I've brought my parents to this place many many years ago since I first patronising them back in 1996. This kampung is actually located behind their shop which has since been made way for development. If any of your parents or relatives used to lived in Kampung Limau, off Batu Road (now known as Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman {TAR}), chances are they would know my parents, some relatives and Auntie Peng as well.

When I mention chilli pan meen, I'm pretty sure everyone would thinking of this shop. They could easily be the first in Kuala Lumpur that introduced chilli pan meen. Auntie Peng and hubby used to operate from a stall right at the open air car park near by. Yup, the car park is still there but they "chased" Auntie Peng out a few years back, forcing her to find a new place to operate. Hence now, you get to eat the fiery pan meen in the comfort of a tiled up place complete with ceiling fan!!! In those days, we have to eat under a measly thin tree or under the umbrellas. Each time after eating the fiery pan meen under the hot hot sun, all of us would be perspiring like mad and we needed loads of tissues to soak up our sweat. Not only that, we have to tolerate long long wait just for a bowl of pan meen! Most days we'll need to wait more than 45 minutes as compared to now cos Auntie Peng would cook the pan meen all by herself with some help from hubby. Hubby's responsibility was to take order, serves the patrons and collect money. I still remember their helper, Yau Yue (Cantonese for squid or sotong), clearing up the tables and washing dishes. Oh yeah he owned the drinks section where Auntie Peng was generous enough to let him run his own small little business whilst helping her up. Their elder son would occasionally be around to help out when he has finished his classes. That time he was studying a diploma course. Some how he's now ended up being the chief cook!!! Yau Yue is no where to be seen after the shift.

As most of you know now the shop is called Restoran Kin Kin. It's located along Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1 (behind Honda showroom along Jalan TAR). This place's pan meen is slightly different from the usual ones found in kopitiams. Their dry style pan meen is kinda light in colour and is usually served with a beautifully poached egg. You can opt to omit the egg though but I find the egg gave the pan meen a slightly smoother texture. They have tubs of fiery chilli flakes on each table. To eat the pan meen, usually patrons will mix heaps of the chilli flakes into them. The effect... a very spicy, fiery hot rendition of pan meen. I've seen some patrons did the same to their soup version. If it's your first time there, go easy with the chilli flakes else you'll end up having a super warm tummy and at times could end up purging away. Don't say I didn't warn you ok.

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Whilst you're here be prepared to hear this "Moe Tai, Moe Sai" hahaha in Cantonese means "No Big, No Small" in reference to the serving size of their pan meen. Last time we get to choose small (RM3.50 which is rather steep those days) or big bowl (RM4.00) and thick or thin pan meen. Not anymore since their business prospers and also due to the long waiting period. Auntie Peng decided one size only policy which did helped speed things a little. In my recent visit, I found out that the uncle did not asked us thick or thin... which means one thickness policy has been introduced. Taste wise seems to be getting a little disappointing too.

Price has gone up. It's now RM4.60 a bowl which to me pretty pricey considering how small the portion were. One of my male colleague, downed 3 bowls in one go that earned him the nick Human Incinerator (you know who you are)! Hahaha... I was there recently with my female colleague and both of us shared 3 bowls kekeke... So there you go, a little history of this place.

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This place is also accessible via monorail but you might need to walk 5 to 10 minutes from Medan Tuanku station. Read a couple of reviews by fellow bloggers - Robyn of Eating Asia and Gina of Gina Gets Her Groove!. Little did I know that James' (of Loopy Meals fame) love story started from this pan meen place, thanks Gina (and Google) for the tit bit.

Restoran Kin Kin
40 Ground Floor, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:
Weekdays 7:30am-9:00pm
Sat & Sun 7:30am-4:30pm
Closed last Sunday of the month

Note: The photos taken with W800i's macro option, no edit done to them except resizing.


  1. I am a huge, I mean HUGE fan of the chili pan mee there!!! Its so so so delicious!! I am going there again soon! *salivates*

  2. Atmost 2 bowls and I'll be stuffed >)

  3. crazy lobster, kheng lah kakaka... i can do 11/2 bowls only :p

  4. that's a very good place !! i love it there too!!!~

  5. really not worth it.. since it become more and more expensive... i been fans for this cily pan mee... for 2 years.. but after i found the cacing inside the sup and the price keep increasing.. so... i decided not going there anymore... this is my comments.


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