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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Review: Marufuku Udon

**Pork Free**

There was certainly a hype over the opening of Marufuku Udon at Jaya One and they are barely 2 months old. We have been hearing rave reviews of this outlet from the main draw Sanuki Udon (Taman Desa & Wisma Cosway). So when we were in Jaya One recently on a gloomy day, we just can't go pass without a bowl of hot udon. So off we went in search of Marufuku Udon and it was tucked behind Frontera. 

Marufuku Udon

Since it was weekday, it has gather quite a lunch crowd from the offices around here. We were given menu and told to order and pay up at the cashier. We placed our order with Capt'n Hook and he came back with a plate of deep fried snacks plus a couple of ocha (green tea, RM1) which is refillable. On our other trip which falls on a Saturday, it was table service instead. 

Anyway, back to the food, here's the plate of deep fried snacks of karaage, prawn wontons, tempura ebi and roundee (erm not sure what but that's as stated in receipt) (RM1 each). BoiBoi devoured most of these but I took a bite off the wonton. Sad to say these deep fried goods would only be great if they're served immediately. I can feel the oily bits since they were left at the counter for patrons to pick from. On our way out, we met someone (sorry forgot to ask for his name) who were doing paperworks and we gave him our feedback on this. We were told that they have ordered the hot lamp to keep them warm and waiting for it to arrive. Bravo for this and hopefully it will prevent the fried goods from going limp.

Deep fried items (RM1 each)

Both the boys have Hot Nabeyaki (RM10) that came in a claypot. I had a taste of the broth and it's really tasty. It looked quite a large portion of udon topped with tempura ebi, fish cake, slices of tofu puffs, shiitake mushrooms and an egg. My BoiBoi downed the entire bowl of noodles after chowing down the fried stuff! He ordered this again on our next visit, guess I don't need to say more how delish this bowl of noodles is huh?

Hot Nabeyaki (RM10)

Since it was kinda cold, nothing beat a hot bowl of Niku Udon (RM10) to warm things up. Loved the springy texture of the udon, something that you can't find with store bought udon. The beef were perfectly sliced ever so thinly that they practically melt in the mouth. The broth used here is different, equally as tasty and I did not left a single drop of it in my bowl :p

Niku Soup (RM10)

Marufuku Udon No MSG

We loved the no frills concept here, just a quick service restaurant to fill up the tummy to be on the go. Yakitori and Nabe Steamboat are also available for dinners. Oh yeah I also liked the idea of using environmentally friendly bowls, plates and cutleries ;-) 2 thumbs up for that for sure.

Marufuku Udon
Blk L, Unit 18, Level G, 
Phase 1, Jaya One
No 72-A, Jalan Universiti,
46000 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603- 7957 6368


J said...

That's my favourite dish there too! (The nabeyaki udon)

It's so so yummy. Perfect for rainy day/ night meals.

thule a.k.a leo said...

no Trans Fat caught my eyes :)

Kenny Mah said...

Aye aye, their Nabeyaki Udon rocks! (Especially on a cold day!)

Swee San said...

Marufuku has certainly jumped on to the bandwagon... everyone loves yummy affordable food :)

ping said...

What? No cheese and potato chips in the udon? ;P

Babe_KL said...

J, totally agree

Leo, so free to read blog? LOL

Kenny :D

So true, Swee San

Ping, LOL perhaps can suggest to them eh?

choi yen said...

I think Sanuki don't have that beef udon, I want to try on this~~

Happy 2011 to you & your family!

Unknown said...

Marufuku 2nd outlet @ Taylors University ( is now open. This location is very breezy as there is a nice lake next to it. Perfect for a relaxing week nights' dinner and weekends' getaway. We are open daily from 10 to 10. Come and enjoy a simple bowl of udon with the lake view. (We are close on 19th and 26th for minor reno work. Thank you.)

Food and Life said...

They are still at Jaya One but move to unit 65-G, Block D, Palm Square. Same row with Maxwell and Postcode.