Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas at Häagen-Dazs

I guess December must be one of the best time of the year. We are not Christians but since young, my dad loved to put on his Christmas albums on the record player. The malls are playing all these lovely Christmas carols, let alone all the beautiful decorations which seems so magical even these days to me. Make me feel like 10 again!

I received a call from Jean Michel Fraisse courtesy of FBB one day. I was like WOW, how often does a French chef call you personally!!! LOL he was inviting me to an ice cream dessert demo event at his The French Culinary School. How not to say no?

So one Friday, I went down town and as I walked in to the school I saw Häagen-Dazs banners. Ahhhh so it was for one of my favourite ice cream! Remember we went to the launch of their new menu and sushi platter?


Jean Michel started off the demo first by introducing us to Chef Jean François Arnaud who came out with all the various Christmas creations for Häagen-Dazs. Then a brief on the ice cream and how they're made totally without any preservatives or additives.

Jean Michel Fraisse

Jean François Arnaud

We sampled some flavours too :p chocolate, vanilla and raspberry.


Chef Jean François proceeded by bring out his creations one by one and all of us go "Awwww", "Sooo cute", "So pretty, how to eat"!!! Do note though that NOT all of these are available at the store. Too bad huh?

Jean François Arnaud's pressies

The first up were these cute little parcels called Gateaux Gift. They were raspberry with vanilla centre with a layer of chocolate. This is available but as Joyous Noel instead.

Gateaux Gift

Gateaux Gift inside

This is Green Tree with green tea and vanilla ice creams decorated looking like a log house with chocolates, berries and whipped cream.

Green Tree

Green Tree inside

Now this one I know very sure it's available cos I saw it personally in the fridge :p This is Let It Snow! It's a half circled log with raspberry and vanilla ice creams with white chocolate. So classy!

Let it snow

Let It Snow inside

The next that came got us all very excited like small kids LOL cos these Papa Noel are so darn cute!!! Chef Jean François told us when asked how to make these and he said by just using semi circle scoops and join 2 portions of raspberry ice cream together to make the body, freeze for 24 hours. The rest were made by using raspberry and whipped cream. For pro like them they actually use silicon moulds instead of a scoop.

Papa Noels

Irresistible or not???

Papa Noel

Treasure chest anyone?

Christmas Chest

We were shown how the coins were made using this gelatine mould with coins indentation.

Gelatine mould

How about a Christmas Wreath? So many flavours of ice cream in one creations using small scoops and held in place with whipped cream, finished off with white chocolates.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath close up

I had so much fun photographing and tasting the creations too!
Thank you to Chef Jean Michel Fraisse, Chef Jean François Arnaud and Häagen-Dazs for these lovely treats!

So hurry to Häagen-Dazs shops to order one of these cutie Christmas collections!


  1. Oh my goodness. Everything's too pretty to eat!

  2. All the desserts look so beautiful! Once taken, I feel very hard to stop.

  3. Very creative! So beautifully decorated and scrumptious looking.

  4. J, yalor, all so pretty!

    Angie, totally agree!!!

    Little Inbox LOL ya ya

    LCOM, hope you derive some ideas here to some Christmas desserts

  5. Those mini gift boxes are so cute!

  6. Yalor Jason but now they only have black or white version on the shelves

  7. wow, really very nice, mouth watering to think they are made of haagen daaz ice cream hehehe


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