Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Review: Ad Hog Restaurant


I've received an sms from PureGlutton asking me to join her for a pork feast at a new Ad Hog Restaurant. After a couple more smses then I realised the whole jing gang of babitarians will be there wooohooo! How not to say no right???

Just cause the area is quite new, the GPS gave us wrong instructions and send us very close by but then suddenly sent us away from it!! No lost there with a call to the right person :p and we were the last to arrive. From there we found out Sam, one of the partners from Checkers had opened up Ad Hog. Ahhhh that explains. Nigel did the ordering and dishes were shared amongst us all.

Ad Hog

While waiting for our food to arrive, we were delighted to have some delish ang koo made by PureGlutton! Then Sam came with this huge log of pork to entice us! Apparently, it's in the midst of drying before roasting for dinner.

Sam with a slab of pork in the midst of drying for dinner

The first to arrive is Babi Guling with rice, lawar and sambal (RM16.90). The Babi Guling tasted exactly like those you find in Bali and Nigel who just came back from there vouched for it too! Traditionally Babi Guling is a whole suckling pig stuffed with various spices and herbs like ginger, candlenuts, turmeric, chillies, lemongrass, etc and roasted on a pit. The fork tender meat is served with the crackling with the accompaniments. It was remarked by some whom we knew that it tasted like rendang which is not a surprise since similar spices and herbs were used. Anyway, this dish is only available during lunch in limited portion. If you wish to have this, do place in your order when you call up for reservation.

Babi Guling with rice, lawar n sambal (RM16.90)

Then we have the Chicken Pogs (RM49) which is a chicken roulade with stuffings wrapped with bacon. Served with a salad and mash potatoes.

Chicken Pogs (RM49)

The roulade is lovely with the bacon crispy but tender chicken on the inside. The salad has papaya in it with the signature dressing that as cumin in it. The mash here is nothing to shout about though, a little dry I reckon. My only complaint here is the portion of salad! Kinda stingy in size and looked out of proportion on the plate. Sam, please increase and give us mountain size salad just cause the salad is SOOO awesome! :p

Chicken Pogs

A Pork Shoulder Steak (RM39) was served next. Loved the juicy steak and it's flavourful. BoiBoi asked for more of the pork! Kinda rare ok. The steaks are served with the same delicious salad and a few slices of steamed orange sweet potatoes to be dipped in olive oil and salt. Again my gripe was the portion of sides.

Pork Shoulder Steak (RM39)

Pork Shoulder Steak - sides

The Roast Pork (RM39) came with fresh homemade sauerkraut which is totally different from the pickled kind. Those who doesn't like the usual sauerkraut, do give it a go here. It's really good. 

Roast Pork (RM39)

As for the pork, aiyoh the meat is so tender, melt in the mouth and the skin ohhh so crispy. Just look at the cracklings! Wish there were more :D

Roast Pork Cracklings

This is the Prosciutto Pizza (RM35). A simple thin crust pizza topped with prosciutto and cheeses. How not to like pizza like this?

Prosciutto Pizza (RM35)

Prosciutto Pizza

We closed our lunch with rounds of Rum Ice Cream (RM12). Similar to Checkers, Ad Hog's version has vanilla ice cream topped with black grass jelly, longan and kidney beans drowned with rum. 

Rum Ice Cream (RM12)

PureGlutton brought along a moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. What a perfect end to our perfect Babitarian meal!

Master baker cutting cake

PureGlutton's Carrot Cake

Now, when we were there a few weeks back, the signage is not up yet. Sam said it's coming soon. So I'm not sure if it's up already by now. If not, look out for a shoplot that looks like this.

Ad Hog without any signage yet
There's no menu yet but you can see some of the items listed on the board outside. Sam cooks whatever that is available in the market that day, I guess a little eccentric just like the decor of mismatched tables and chairs.

Can't wait to be there again and it shouldn't be difficult now since we know the way already, yay!

Ad Hog Restaurant
25 Jalan PJU 3/45
Sunway Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 019-312 1922 (Sam)
Closed on Mondays
GPS coordinates: 3.1635178, 101.5983099 (N03° 9.8111′, E101° 35.8986′)


  1. looks lovely, should try one of these days. :D

  2. We've been there a few times already, and the food's been consistently good. Love Ad Hog!

  3. yes in the 1 dinner i ate at checkers, i already saw him with quite a few mood swings!

  4. shouldn't be too hard to find this place.. luckily I'm familiar with this area :P

  5. KY, it's really worth your way

    ;-) Hope they'll keep it up Meena

    Oh so this Sam oso have mood swing eh, Joe?

    Good luck leo!

    ;-) PG thanks for asking me along

    pinkpainter, ermm from Persiaran Surian, turn right at traffic light to Palm Spring. Then drive on straight, you'll pass by light industrial area. Continue on you'll see a few rows of shoplots, it's there. Click on the Map that I've added for you below the coordinates

  6. The pork preparation look great. will surely try next trip to KL. Hope the to get Sam in the right mood:-)

  7. Thank you thank you I think I like this place. will give a hunt for this joint.

  8. C&C ;-) YAY

    John, good luck then

    Hope you'll enjoy Ad Hog Sin Tai Lim

  9. wow . The foods really looks delicious.

  10. hi babe, this is sam from ad hog. i appreciate the fact that you liked my fruit salads but unfortunately not everyone does. next time just ask for more. cheers. thanks again.

  11. it does Wintergurl

    HI Sam, thanks for responding and I won't be shy to ask for more then :D

  12. Yay for Sam replying. Me loves his papaya salad also - shall ask for more too, next time! :D


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