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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 20 December 2010

Review: A Wet Thai Cafe


A friend of mine had introduced A Wet Thai Cafe which is located in Taman Cheras within walking distance from the wai sek kai (street food). We have been there numerous time and so far they have not disappoint us in terms of service and quality. This post is a collection of a couple of our trips there.

Upon arrival, you'll be served with a cold water in metal cup with a light hint of pandan. Do note that this is RM1 per person and it's refillable. Decline this if you wish to have something else, otherwise it will be charged to your bill.

We tried Meang Kam (RM12) which has an array of condiments like lime, chillies, peanuts, toasted coconut flakes, galangal, onions and dried shrimps. The daun kaduk (wild betel leaves in English) is given separately and you'll need to fold one leave into a cup before ladling in tiny bits of everything before topping off with the sauce. Fold down the leave and pop into your mouth. Love the burst of flavours in the mouth. The sauce here is kinda hot. Not the best we have eaten though.

Meang Kam (RM12)

Meang Kam

This is the Thai Combo Set (RM30) that has 4 pieces each of prawn cakes (looks like doughnut), fish cakes and pandan leaves wrapped chicken. There's a bowl of mango salad in the centre. While this salad is forgettable but the fish cakes and prawns cakes are lovely. Ingredients were fresh definitely. The pandan leaves wrapped chicken however depends on how they were being deep fried. There was once it was over fried, hence a little dry but otherwise this is all right too.

Thai Combo Set (RM30)

Thai Combo Set 2

Then we have the Thai Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Garlic (RM15). This was over fried making it dry and tough, otherwise the flavour was all right.

Thai Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Garlic (RM15)

There are limited beancurd dishes and this is one of them Minced Pork Tofu (RM12) which you can skip. The gravy is way starchy and when it got cold, it's kinda gluey.

Minced Pork Tofu (RM12)

We quite like their Thai Fried Kangkung (RM10) which is typical Thai style of sambal with the addition of preserved beans (tau cheong in Cantonese). Enough wok hei here for the veggies.

Thai Fried Kangkung (RM10)

We were recommended this Salted Chicken (RM28) once and this was a free range chicken where the meat is slightly on the tough side but gave a nice flavour. Not overly salty and it's done well.

Salted Chicken (RM28)

Ahhh then our favourite cos it has salted fish amongst the crunchy kai lan in the Thai Fried Kailan (RM10).

Thai Fried Kailan (RM10)

Omelette  is not in the menu but you can order it as they will usually do when you have children at your table who can't take spicy food. This one is Thai Fried Egg (RM10) which has minced meat inside. Loved the crunchy bits on the side but a bit oily though. This is BoiBoi's fave and a must order for him.

Thai Fried Egg (RM10)

Now, A Wet is famous for their Thai BBQ too hence you can see lots of smoke bellowing out at the back portion of the corner. To simplify matters, we usually take the Thai BBQ Combo (RM40) as it has a combination of prawns, lamb, chicken and squid. It came with the forgettable mango salad and a delish greenish and tangy chilli sauce. Each of the meat were delicious on their own way and was glad we have gotten a combo. Best part was they have perfected the art of grilling squid as the squid remained tender, otherwise it would turned into rubber sheets!

Thai BBQ Combo (RM40)

There were some dessert choices and Tab Tim Krob (RM5.90). Other than the water chestnuts that came in 2 colours - red and yellow, you can see that the portion of jelly cubes and jackfruit (nangka in Malay) are quite substantial.

Tab Tim Krob (RM5.90)

The menu have only one size in portion so if you have a large group like 10, you might need to order 2 portions as I reckon each portion can feed like 4-5 people only. I've misplaced the receipts but if not mistaken there's Government tax (5%) and a service charge.

If you're going there on a weekend, either be there early like 6.00pm or my best advice is to call to make a reservation. Do that even on weekdays! By 7.00pm, it would be packed! Parking would be easier too when early as they have some "reserved" space in front of the restaurant.

Note: We are away for the week on holiday but several scheduled posts will be up. Hence, comments will only be approved when we're back. Ta.

A Wet Thai Cafe
8 Jalan Kaskas 3
Taman Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-9131 9838
Map here


Ciki said...

looks like a great place for thai! ,mmm!

ai wei said...

one of my fave thai restaurant. love most of their prepared stuff. do agree with you. they never disappoint us whenever we visit here. love their bbq-ed stuff too :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

funny! coz I swear that I read rave reviews of this place somewhere... oh yes! from kampungboycitygal blog!

Kenny Mah said...

Mmm.. I love kampung/free range chicken even if it can be a tad tougher... the meat tastes sweeter and healthier some how. :)

Babe_KL said...

C&C, it is indeed!

;-) ai wei

LOL now you know eh Leo

Kenny, how true about kampung chicken!