Thursday, 2 December 2010

Review: Fook Tai Mixed Herbs and Spices

It was Capt'n Hook who stumbled upon this Fook Tai Mixed Herbs and Spices soup mix when he went to a vegetarian supply shop during a period where he observed vegetarian meals. He told me that he just boiled the soup packet and drank it just like that plain. He really liked it saying that it tasted a bit like bak kut teh soup.

Fook Tai Mixed Herbs and Spices

I read the packaging and it says that one can add meat into it. There are two packages inside and one is sufficient for a small pot of soup for 2. Use two for stronger flavour and larger portion. So one day I made a chicken herbal soup ala bak kut teh style by adding halved tau fu pok (beancurd puffs), fu chuk (beancurd sticks, the ones for stews and soups), dried shiitake mushrooms (soaked and sliced), a can of button mushrooms I've received during CNY, and fresh enoki mushrooms.

Fairly easy to make, just need to dump in some chicken meat and the soup packages plus the rest of the ingredients except for button and enoki mushrooms which I added towards the end. Since I was using kampung chicken, I boiled it for about 1 hour or so on low heat.

Mixed Herbs and Spices Chicken Soup

This pot of soup is good as one pot meal to go with rice, easy peasy and less cleaning up for a complete meal. Well, can chuck in some greens at the end to really make it complete :p

I've seen this soup package at vegetarian supply shops and mini markets, not sure if can be found at supermarkets or hypermarkets. Will update if I do.


  1. Ooh, Devil & I do herbal chicken soup all the time - healthy AND hearty! :)

  2. definitely easier to cook when they pre-pack all the necessary ingredients huh??? Save time and hassle!a

  3. Hi PS. I find that adding tau fu pok to any soup actually changes the taste and lends and alkaline smell as well. I prefer to serve this separately, similar to some bak kut teh shops.

  4. totally agree with you Kenny and easiest too

    leo, yeah lol but not all the time lorrr

    Jon, I hv no problem with the tau fu pok i purchased. must use those from Bentong. rinse with hot water before use :D

  5. Next time tumpang you to buy a few packets for me? Always crave for herbal soup whenever I feel down or homesick. :)

  6. GFAD, can can no problem, just tell me in advance

  7. Hmmm..sounds like an easy enough soup to boil :) Will keep an eye out for it when I next go grocery shopping.


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