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Cameron Highlands - The Good, Bad and Ugly

The recent school break in March saw us going uphill to Cameron Highlands at a very last minute arrangement, as usual. Thanks to the wonder of internet, we managed to secure pretty good deal to stay at Century Pines Resort located at Tanah Rata. We liked the place as it's still quite new looking, clean and looked maintained. The plus point is it has super king sized bed that fit 3 of us comfortably. It's within 5 minutes slow stroll to Tanah Rata shophouses which makes food hunting so much easier. Kids will love it here it's just across the public playground where quite a number of new play items have been replaced with new ones.

We managed to pay a visit to Capt'n Hook's ex-colleague, Normah, who has opened up a place near Tanah Rata together with her hubby making handmade chocolates and I tell ya, her hubby made the most delish bread loaves where the texture is like those expensive Japanese loaves found in Sun Moulin BUT at a fraction of the price! Even though their enterprise is named Hatters Cafe and Bakerie but they are more of a SME churning handmade goodies rather than a cafe. More on them later ya in another post.

It was through her that we got introduced to Uncle Chow Kopitiam which is just located a block away. Well, if you have been to Cameron Highlands, there isn't much good food to shout about unless you wind your up to Trinkap where the locals adjourned or to one of the many tourist packed steamboat restaurants that serves you loads of frozen "fishballs" in all shapes and sizes. We were so glad that we finally found a place that serves decent, if not, good food. Void of hungry tourists but packed with locals and long term staying foreigners! So Uncle Chow Kopitiam deserves another post too!

We popped by Cameron Highland Resorts to have a look. The last we were there, they were still known as Merlin Inn!!! LOL well, YTL did a tremendous make-over to make this place so plush with luxury. Of all things Capt'n Hook mentioned to have dinner here errr so I have to check the menu first to see if it's suitable for BoiBoi. My eyes wondered to the steak... priced around RM300++, I think I would rather come down and have a wagyu steak at Prime! Anyway the good thing about Capt'n Hook is that he loves to chat up with people, especially SYT kekeke which he did on our way out. He spoke to one of the local Malay girl and he asked her where to eat!

This SYT recommended a place next to Ambank along Tanah Rata and that evening we walked over under the cool air towards Rosette Cafe. Thanks to her, we managed to have another good meal which of course deserve another post of its own!

That's just about all the goodies we encountered this trip. So what's bad this time???

Our dinner at T Cafe (above Marry Brown Chicken) on our arrival night was rather bad this time round. The last trip, the food wasn't as great as those people have claimed in forums and blogs. Thinking it could be our choice of order, this time we diverted and ordered a mix of Asian and western. BoiBoi's Beef Lasagna came as a lump with layers of lasagna sheets, cheese and mince beef sauce which sees more mushrooms and shredded carrots and serve with a side of green salad.

T Cafe - Beef Lasagna_1

Capt'n Hook's fried rice, I think it was done kampung style is very dry and plain.

T Cafe - Kampung Fried Rice

My Western Chicken Chop came the very last where the meat is akin to dry tree bark! It's so dry and tough that I have to eat them up drowning in the brown gravy. Sighhh and I thought ordering Asian items are bad but... We have eaten their sweet stuff before but not at all impressed. Perhaps we were too pampered with all the Heavenly and FBB goodies. Anyway, they're going to change the name to Lord's Cafe soon in dedication for the good 8 years in business *scratch head*. The food, one cup of tea and 2 glasses of smoothies came close up to RM50.

T Cafe - western chicken chop

Since this round is a leisurely trip, we did not go anywhere specifically but just chilling out escaping the unusually hot and humid Kuala Lumpur. The only place we went after a wee bit of traffic jam at Kea Farm was BOH Sungai Palas Tea Centre upon BoiBoi's request.

Boh Plantation, Sg Palas

When we arrived, it was lunch time and expectedly it's rather packed. We stood near a group who were done with their tea. As they were only occupying one table, Capt'n Hook asked if it's all right for us to take the small table at the end. Sadly the old auntie said NO, it's taken! Grrrr this is the very UGLY side of Malaysians... selfish *beep*!!! We stood next to them for more than 20 mins and they were nonchalant at all, CIS!

Boh Plantation, Sg Palas - ugly people

It can also turn out quite 'ugly' when papparazzi keep snapping pictures of you :p


We managed to get the table next to them and we splitted the table up so that another 3 person could sit at the next table. We grabbed some egg and tuna sandwiches (RM5 each), mushroom soup (RM5), 1 piece of scone (RM5) that came with butter and strawberry jam (not conserve :( ) and 2 cups of BOH's clove and cardamon tea (RM3 each).

Boh Plantation, Sg Palas - mushroom soup (RM5)

Boh Plantation, Sg Palas - tea or rather lunch tuna and egg sandwiches (RM5 each) and a pot of cardamon and clove tea (RM6)

Boh Plantation, Sg Palas - scone (RM5)

It's nett pricing here but RM26 is kinda pricey... however in exchange of the wonderful view of rolling green hills and super strong wind blowing by... it was indeed priceless.

Boh Plantation, Sg Palas - looking out

That summed up our good, bad and ugly experience at Cameron Highlands this round. Sighhh, the weather is soooo nice and cooling that I'm really thinking of "migrating" there like what Normah did! So should I??? Tell me now! :p

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  1. Well, forget the forgettable food - at least the view was gorgeous, rite? :D

  2. Ah!!! NOrmally I would go to Cameron Highlands during normal day and not school or public holiday :)
    I am planning to go there again using the new road leading fr Kuala Lipis.. it should take me less than 2 hours to reach my destination

  3. this frog in the well is curious .... what is SYT?

  4. Cameron during Hols is a nightmare, u see a slew of car number plates starting with W B and S there.

    SYT = Sweet Young Thing

    Food was forgettable, but still palatable, i prefer living in Brinchang though hahaha

  5. Can't wait to read your review of all those makan places mentioned!

  6. Been meaning to take a drive up to Cameron Highlands. The last time I was there, I was probably boi boi's age. ROFL. Waiting for BabeKL's definitive guide to makan spots in Cameron Highlands ;)

  7. After you migrate there, you can cook delicious food, so don't have to worry abt horrible food over there :D
    But weather is something you can't change or do anything....:O

  8. ;-) Kenny

    leo, we used to do dat but cant now since boiboi goes to school

    Celine, am surprised you don't know but thanks to Dc :D

    Dc, Brinchang too crowded for us ler

    PG, coming right up!

    :O unka!!! bring yr bike along, wud be fun riding up and down the hills hahaha

    tigerfish :D yeah

  9. Wow, didn't know Cameron had such a great place to eat. Might be planing a trip there in June so your writeup does really help. Thanks.

  10. Eh I also thought T Cafe's food is so so, only the desserts are okay. But the place is comfy lah, and defines the slower, relaxing life on thehighlands.


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