Tuesday 27 April 2010

Review: Bread and Chocolates from Hatters Cafe & Bakerie @ Cameron Highlands


Hatter's Cafe & Bakerie -

As I've mentioned in my earlier post, we were lucky to find Normah to be around during our trip. There are many times they have to travel all over Malaysia to attend seminar or fairs and in fact they just got back from KL. So, if you intend to go over for some chocolates and bread, do call first.

Capt'n Hook arranged to visit her and she toasted some of the plain white bread that her hubby, Badrul, have made and served them with butter and kaya. On top of that she made some scrambled eggs which we did not touch as the bread was already very very good with butter!

The bread is soft, fluffy and tasted a bit buttery... like I've mentioned before just like those loaves you get from Sun Moulin but at a fraction of its price! I can't remember how much per loaf but definitely below RM3. No wonder they have many Japanese clients who are staying around the area patronising them. We were told a couple who owned a holiday home nearby will always bring 40 - 50 loaves back to KL!!!

These loaves are delivered all over Cameron Highlands but if you wish to enjoy some, you can drop by Uncle Chow Kopitiam for a couple of slices but then again that also depends on the availability of supply. Alternatively, just buy direct and bring some back.

Hatter's Cafe & Bakerie - white fluffy bread

Whilst making bread is Badrul's forte, Normah is into making chocolates, cakes and cookies. So one of the many reasons they've shifted here is of course the cooling weather which is perfect to make chocolates!

Hatter's Cafe & Bakerie's range of chocolates

Hatter's Cafe & Bakerie - nice packaging

We have tried some of the range available from raisins, almonds, strawberry and dark chocolates. I find the strawberry one is a tad sweet but Normah was telling us that Chinese usually likes dark chocolates hehe just like me the bitter the better. The prices are reasonable, can't remember how much for a small pack but it's RM10 for 3 packets. The dark chocolate is RM4.00.

Hatter's Cafe & Bakerie - raisins, almonds and bitter chocolates

Hatter's Cafe & Bakerie - stawberry & dark chocolate

We got some freshly made London Almond which I didn't have the chance to take a pic. Inside each piece of chocolate, it contained a toasted almond encased in a cookie crust, all freshly made, hence the taste was excellent. It's nutty, crunchy and creamy if you pop the entire piece into your mouth.

If you happen to visit FAMA fairs, chances are you could find the chocolates at such fairs since FAMA is helping them on the marketing and distributing side. Otherwise, you can drop by the shop or Uncle Chow Kopitiam. The opening hours are 7.00am - 9.00am and 11.00am - 8.00pm and you can also find them at Brinchang Open Market on Sundays 7.00am - 2.00pm.

Hatter's Cafe & Bakerie - opening hours

To get here, check out the map below. The shop is located below walk-up apartments and they're painted in light blue. This is how the shop front looked like if you wanted to buy some bread and chocolates. The signage is K Shoppe since it's a Kumpulan Usahawan Tani Bimbingan FAMA venture.

Hatter's Cafe & Bakerie - shop front

Hatter's Cafe & Bakerie
(Norsham Homemade Confectionery & Western Food)
RLC1-G-9 Taman Royal Lily
39000 Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Tel: 6012- 6200193 (Badrul) / 6012 364 0292 (Normah)
GPS Coordinates: E101° 22' 26.9" N4° 28' 10.7"

Map to Taman Royal Lily

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  1. ^^ gotta plan for a trip to cameron :)

  2. no wonder I didn't see this place la.. so hidden from the main road! But once I see the Maybank landmark.. I know where this place is already!

  3. i wanted to skip lunch today (in the midst of painting) ...... but after reading your description of the bread, i might have to do a quick sun moulin run!!

  4. Oh the bread looks so fluffy and delicious! :D

  5. gosh you guys so fast!!!

    aiwei, sounds great

    leo, hehe yalor now we know!

    celine, you also addicted to sun moulin loaf? :p

    kenny, it is!

  6. That was really active food hunting in Cameron...you have them all, from breads to mains =P

  7. Any leftover chocolates for me? ;)

  8. hahaha Christy, something other than steamboats!

    sorry J, all inside tummies already :p


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