Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Being a Food Blogger

A few weeks back, Danny Foo sent me an email asking me one simple question - What does being a food blogger mean to you? Seems that he had posed the same question to a number of food bloggers from Malaysia and Singapore. He summarised them up and posted the article up today. Head over to his blog to find out what other food bloggers have to say.


  1. yah, interesting to see how everyone has different view, passion and what not, i'm just hungry!

  2. When I first started blogging, I just want to share among my friends!
    Now I even got better... made new friends through blogging & found new places to dine through them :)

  3. Long live all the PASSIONATE floggers!

  4. ;-) J

    KY, i thot we are all wai sek!!! hahaha

    yalor Leo, see dats how I got to know so many friends incl you!

    ;-) Jason

    Danny, that's the term we used for food bloggers hehe

  5. Nice article. My reason is as simple as - a cooking journal to jot down my cooking, thoughts, food....

    I have a lousy memory and constantly degrading over time. Depending on my blog as a secondary (virtual) hard-drive for


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