Friday 16 April 2010

Fancy A Japanese Meal at Häagen-Dazs?

Updated 20 April 2010, 12.08pm

Thanks for asking, Qwazymonkey, I've forgotten to put in the price for the sushi platter. It's RM35++.

It's Friday, let's do a sugar high post!!! Heh Japanese meal at Häagen-Dazs?? :p

Yes and I really meant it... and I'm not stopping at matcha (green tea) ice cream of course! Read on...

Häagen-Dazs Malaysia had just launched their new menu, highlighting a new cake creation and a special ice cream platter. If you go to their shops now, do take your time to thumb through their menu which came bounded in hard cover unlike previously in folded cardboard form. There are beautiful or rather delicious ice cream creations, cakes and drinks imprinted on glossy pages. The "book" would be nice on our coffee table but sadly they don't allow us to have one haha.

HD Menu

Pieces of cakes called Sweet Romance which is purely made of vanilla ice cream topped with white chocolate shavings and whole strawberries. The white chocolate shavings lent a crunchy bite to the cake but it's too sweet for me to go with the vanilla ice cream bottom. Also note the strawberry is frozen as they have no choice but to do it as they would love to show off beautiful cakes in their display freezer heh. I don't have a problem as by the time I'm done with the cake, the strawberry had defrosted a bit. Pictured here are sample size, click the above link to see how the whole cake would look like.

Summer Breeze

All rightey, the reason we were here is to sample their latest creation - Sushi Platter! Each piece is hand crafted hence there are limited servings per day in each shop. Every flavour and the accompanying ingredients were carefully chosen in order for the pairings to compliment each other. The 4 pieces of "sushi" were served on a rectangle glass platter with a dollop of "wasabi" (matcha ice cream) on a separate saucer and thin slices of green apple standing tall on whipped cream.

Sushi Platter (RM35)

I started off with a bite of "Tamago Sushi"??? Looks like "tamago" (omelette) to me :p but it's actually Mango and Passionfruit Ice Cream! The "shari" (rice) is made of Macadamia Nut Brittle (Capt'n Hook's fave flavour) and wrapped with a strip of "nori" (dark chocolate). I loved how the tangy "neta" (topping) melded with the sweet "shari" where else Capt'n Hook thought the macadamia gave a good nutty texture here.

Then I sink my teeth on the Kiwi Fruit Gunkan. Oh yummmss... the sweet Vanilla Ice Cream rice combined with sourish chopped kiwi fruit topping combi is spot on complete with the chocolate "nori". Loved how the sourish fruits counter the sweetness of the ice cream.

Sushi collage

I dug into the "Sake Nigiri" which has Vanilla Ice Cream rice and the "salmon" piece is made of Mango Sorbet (my favourite flavour too!). Again a tangy and sweet match that worked fantastically.

Just like the Kiwi Fruit version, this Strawberry Gunkan is refreshingly good too but instead of Vanilla Ice Cream as the rice, this has Macadamia Nut Brittle.

It's my first time trying Häagen-Dazs' Matcha Ice Cream and I'm already liking it. It's slightly bitterish but the green tea taste is not overly strong.

Other than these, you can have your coffee fix here as well such as black coffee and iced cappucino. No comments on coffee since I can drink any :p Have to ask Joe and the Chocoholic.

Black Coffee

Iced Cappucino

Seriously, with all the wonderful pairings... it really made me wonder why some people dislikes ice cream! How could one not like ice cream???

This Sushi Platter is available at all Häagen-Dazs shops in Malaysia now, well until their next change of menu. However from now till 15 May 2010, if you order a plate of this, a complimentary scoop voucher will be given to you. So hurry to Häagen-Dazs now for your fix of delicious and creamy "sushi".

Thank you to Häagen-Dazs Malaysia, their PR agency and staff at Solaris Mont Kiara outlet for the lovely evening! BTW, don't fret when you walk into this outlet and notice there are very little tables inside as the mezzanine floor above have cosy sofas other than usual tables and chairs for you to lounge around to slowly enjoy their "slow melting" ice creams.

HD Solaris 04

HD Solaris 03

HD Solaris 02

Click here for shop location


  1. i love jap food but not ice-cream (my kids think i am mad!) ...... maybe this is help change my mind about ice-cream!

  2. Do you think they are too cute to be eaten? =.="

  3. woo la la....i need a ice cream desperately due to hot weather here

  4. The 'sushi' platter looks so cute...very creative too!

  5. hmmm... unique way of servin ice cream eh.. haha..

  6. v cute.. kinda wishing i went now.. haha

  7. I've seen that on TV but have not personally tried them myself. It is eye candy definitely.

  8. Hehe, I love how the "sushi" just melted away under the intense glares of hungry foodies... :P

  9. Celine, yes you're certified MAD!!! hahaha how can you not like ice creams???

    Joe, slow and steady eh :D

    J, no worries leh cos i better do it before i forget

    mimi, yes it was hard but we have to do it as it was melting already

    vialentino, hahaha i know been drinking lots of cold drink these days which i know is bad for me :P

    pea, make them and put in yr menu hahaha maybe make ice kacang or cendol version

    yeah Tummy Rumble, i guess creativeness sells

    C&C, next time lorrr ok

    tigerfish ;-)

    Kenny, hehe yea the amount of "flashes" they gotten

  10. OH WOW! Excellent and cute sushi. Love how there isn't a hint of fishiness on em. Must be really fresh "fishes" :)

    Can't wait to try em pretty things. How much is it btw?

  11. Your pictures are gorgeous lah! I like the pic of the cake with the strawberry on's literally popping out of my screen!

  12. thanks munkey for reminding, put up the price d

    LL, wow coming from the Queen. thank you thank you


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