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Review: Rosette Cafe @ Cameron Highlands

**I'm not sure this place is Halal but it's Pork Free and was introduced to us by a Malay girl**

From my previous post, I've mentioned this Rosette Cafe just beside Ambank in Tanah Rata which is along the main row of shophouses. It was introduced to us by a Malay girl we met at Cameron Highlands Resort.

Rosette Cafe

The cafe looked cosy but kinda small. It was half-filled when we were there. There are only 2 person serving the area but then again they were seen preparing drinks behind the counter as well, hence getting the attention from the wait staff can be rather painful. It took them "forever" to even bring the menu to a French couple who sat next to us. We have to helped them to get the wait staff attention. During the wait, I noticed the wait staff was crossing to the next shoplot via an opening at the back. Since I was kaypoh curious, I went over to the next shoplot to have a look. Ohh seems like the place belonged to them as well. It's Downtown Hotel. If not mistaken, the bistro upstairs belonged to them as well. However, the decor and setup at Downtown is simpler.

Looking at the menu, it's very extensive as it serves Western, Chinese dishes, Japanese and steamboat as well! Prices are quite average for us from KL. We did not need to wait long for the dishes to arrive.

Since BoiBoi read menu on his own these days, he asked for a Spaghetti Beef Bolognaise (RM10). Serving portion is considered good. I sampled some and have to say it's pretty good. Generous amount of minced beef is detected here. BoiBoi cleaned the plate up in a jiffy and he said it's nice!

Rosette Cafe - Spaghetti Beef Bolognaise (RM10)

Capt'n Hook and I decided to order some dishes to go with plain rice. He picked a Chicken Curry Kapitan (RM12). It came piping hot in a claypot and does not look anything like Curry Kapitan but what the heck. There are sliced chicken pieces and smattering of potato cubes in there. However, there is one thing I noticed, of all my trips to Cameron Highlands, I've never ever eaten large pieces of chicken with bones. Chicken are hard to come by or they try to save up the bones to prepare stock?

Anyway, it doesn't matter if it doesn't taste nor thickish like Curry Kapitan but this curry is hearty. I kept heaping the gravy onto my small portion of rice, kinda feeling a little regret asking for small portion hehe. You can opt for a single portion of this serve with rice at RM7.50.

Rosette Cafe - Chicken Curry Kapitan (RM12)

Next, I've ordered a Stir-fried Asparagus with Garlic (RM12). Goshhh RM12 for such a small portion and we are in Cameron Highlands!!! Well unless they don't grow them here but seriously their fibre dishes are pretty expensive for me. I noted items like Watercress with Belachan, Mixed Vegetables or a simple Spinach dish will dent your pocket at RM10.

Rosette Cafe - Stir Fried Asparagus (RM12)

Our next order of Venison in Sizzling Hot Plate (RM18) arrive on our table with the sparkle of gravy sputtering all over hahaha. It got pretty smoky too. The smell that whafted out was fragrant. All these attracted the 2 French couple whom just sat down, so much so the lady came over and ask us what we have ordered hahaha. Visual attraction that is!

Rosette Cafe - Sizzling venison (RM18)

The tender venison was cooked in a soy bean paste sauce with a smattering of black beans. There are lots of onion slices in there which gave a slight sweetish tinge to the dish. We both loved this dish a lot and I think this will be definitely on our order the next time round.

Since we were quite full, so no dessert ordered. Our meal with 2 bowls of rice (RM2), watermelon juice (RM3.50, cheap but watered down) and 2 glasses of warm water came up to RM57.50. Slightly more expensive from T Cafe but this is a whole lot more satisfying!

Rosette Cafe
42, Jalan Besar, 39000 Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Tel: +605-491 3159

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  1. Rosette Cafe... I seldom eat in Tanah Rata. Most of the time in Brinchang or Kg. Raja... maybe I'll drop by next time
    shouldn't be hard to find

  2. Kenny, you like venison too? oh yums

    leo, I've been to one quite ok place in Brinchang but forgot the name oredi, it was pre-blogging days. Never been to Kg Raja hahaha I think saw the signage.

  3. LOL - you temptress! Tantalising French ppl with your delicious looking food! :P

  4. Miss this when I was there early this month. Stayed at Century Pines an a short walk! Went for my mamak as usual. I noticed prices for vege dishes are pretty stiff in CM reasoning from the point that this place is awashed with it!

  5. i use to think the food was way more expensive than that.. wow! not bad at all:)

  6. Most of the places I have gone to in Cameron are usually in Tanah Rata too, and I agree that the prices are good also =)

  7. Hahahha....chicken without bones in Cameron Highlands? In fact, I dislike meaty pieces in chicken curry or any chicken dish - I want bones! Weirdo right?

  8. J, I didn't hehehe so happen they walked in when the sizzling venison came :p

    worldwindows, exactly lorr perhaps they sent down all the good vege and left not much behind :p

    yes Extreme Power. thanks for coming by

    C&C, must ask for recommendations from locals!

    ;-) Christy

  9. tigerfish, if deep fried chicken, i like them bony too!


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