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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 19 March 2010

Review: Uncle Chilli's Bar @ PJ Hilton

2 weeks ago, Capt'n Hook attended a workshop in PJ Hilton. Late in the afternoon, he asked me to meet him there after work for dinner. Since he's meeting his former classmate for a drink at Uncle Chilli's, he told me to reserve dinner there as well via theQguides.

I joined them for a drink and after the friend had left, we adjourned to Uncle Chilli's dining area. Capt'n Hook ordered a Chicken Burger (RM22), whilst I opted for a Rye Bread Club Sandwich (RM22) upon recommendation from the friendly waiter. He cajoled us into ordering a 3rd main which we know we won't be able to finish but *chuckle* he was very persistent and insistent. Well, the reason was until 15 March, they were running buy 3 free 1 main course promotion. Sighhh since he's so nice, we ordered a Black Cod (RM57) dish.

We started off with a Nenas and Auntie's Special drinks at RM19 each (errmm beer drank earlier not counted :p). Both refreshing for the current hot spell.

(L) Auntie's Special (R) Nenas (RM19 each)

Bread rolls were served to us but since we're having bread as mains we didn't touch them. Can't help but noticed they served unsalted butter with the rolls. Sighhh we still don't get it, isn't unsalted butter is normally used to make cakes? For spread, salted butter is preferred!

Bread n butter

Chicken Burger came and it's a rather huge portion. In between sesame buns lies chicken patty, fried egg, cheese, tomato slices and lettuce with butter and mayo. The burger is served with a side salad, guacomole and salsa. Capt'n Hook said the chicken patty is juicy. Overall the burger is fab!

Chicken Burger (RM22)

My Club Sandwich came and just look at how tall the sandwich is. There are layers of fried egg, roasted chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and pickles! You can actually choose 2 meat or seafood ranging from beef, lamb ragout, smoked salmon, tuna mousse, shrimp cocktails, beef pastrami etc. It's served with a green salad which I liked and the utmost delish crispy potato wedges!

Rye Bread Club Sandwich (RM22)

You know what... I actually didn't eat my sandwich. Ended up eating the bulk of this black cod before it turned cold. This dish is absolutely lovely. The thick piece of cod is cooked just right, fork tender that is... full of natural sweetness. It has one big grilled scallops and served with cherry tomatoes, bok choi and beans in a clear broth. The cherry tomatoes lend a hearty tang to the broth which is so nice, well if not for the design of the plate, I would have tipped it up and drank it all up heh.

Black Cod (RM57)

We have to doggie bag the Club Sandwich and I ate half for breakie the next morning. Surprisingly it tasted good. Can still taste the smoky goodness of the grilled chicken. With the buy 3 free 1 promo, our bill totalled RM134.55 after 5% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge. Good deal eh?

Hilton Petaling Jaya
No 2 Jalan Barat,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : +60 3 7955 9122


thule a.k.a leo said...

WHen it comes to dining in a hotel... RM130++ is considered OK :)
but the company is what matters

Sean said...

maybe cos unsalted butter is healthier than salted butter? but i guess it would be nice if they served both, so that customers can make their own choice =)

Kenny Mah said...

Haha, the waiter is certainly persuasive to get you guys to order the extra dish. But by the sound of it, no regrets hor? Yummy!

Christina Kim said...

Salted butter may be better, but I think UN-salted is healthier =P
That's why, most of the restaurants are going for healthy eating these days, since everyone's going ga-ga over this concept.

I absolutely love Black Cod, and from the presentation and your review, it looks really good! =)

J said...

The food looks good. *drool*
(Used to be able to go there once in a while, when I was still working in that area... but have not gone back since I changed companies - thanks for the reminder~!)

vialentino said...

omg....good recommendation...worth for a try...

Babe_KL said...

yeah Leo ;-)

Sean, unsalted butter with bread taste kinda bland, usually we wud ask them to change but most times they only hv unsalted

ya ya Kenny LOL he's so sweet you know hahaha

Christy, the little salt in the bread wont kill hahaha else bread will taste bland

J, time to head there. remember to book via qguides!

vialentino, bring yr frens to drink there too

Dc said...

i still like my bread dip in vinegar and olive oil

PerutBesi said...

Yums! Pork burger looks good...I went for one pork burger place in a lil cafe at Seri Sentosa, Old Klang Road, called Nambawan Cafe...pretty good stuff & it's SO cheap! RM6.90 for decent prok burger with fries...I think ur boi boi will enjoy it :) I haven't gotten to blogging it yet, but will be doing've u & Capt'n Hook been btw? Hope both of u are doing great!! :D

Anonymous said...

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Taufulou said...

i just would like to hvae that sandwich onluy~

foodbin said...

like the cod dish.

Ciki said...

man, that burger looks awesome.. i want:D

Monica said...

If you love burger, you should try "Daily Grind" At Bangsar Village. Best burger!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Burger looks huge! Looks like they're doing pretty well with the food, eh?

Eh when we gonna makan again? Miss hanging out with you and Captn Hook!

Yang-May Ooi said...

I came to your blog via Whiff of Lemongrass and I just wanted to say hi. Your restaurant reviews are going to be useful the next time I visit my parents in KL - I now live in London and really miss good Malaysian food! I'm going to try some of your recipes in the meantime.

Yang-May Ooi

Babe_KL said...

dcky, depends wat kinda bread actually :p

thanks Ruth, been so long since we meet huh?

taufulou, you should try it, it's really good

foodbin, its a very good choice indeed!

C&C, order it next time ;-)

LL, we shall plan soon ok ;-)

YMO, thanks a lot, do email me if you have any queries :-)

James cuck said...

its very tasty food.
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