Monday 1 March 2010

Lap Mei Farn (Waxed Meat Rice)


The previous weekend as I was preparing lunch around 11ish, suddenly TNB decided to pull a prank on us, leaving us baking in the hot hot CNY heat! Now, the biggest problem... I was in the midst of preparing to cook lap mei (waxed meat) rice. Yikes... rice cooker nor the steamer would work without electricity and I do not have a claypot hahaha. How leh? I had to cook rice using the stove instead which I've never done before LOL. I checked through and oh yeaaa, I can cook rice using my Vision ware, I guess should be better than metal ones right?

Anyway, I placed the rice with water in the pot, cover with the lid and turn on the stove, I kept my fingers crossed. Woohoo and the rice did cook nicely. Once it's almost cooked through, I lay the lap mei mixture of lap cheung (Chinese sausage), yoon cheung (Chinese liver sausage) and kwai far yuk (an oblong piece of reddish meat almost tasting like bak gua). We don't eat the lap yuk (pork belly) nor the lap ngap (waxed duck) hence I did not put in any. I cooked it for another 10 minutes, well that was the time the base started to burn!!!! LOL sighhh my new stove is wayyy to hot for my liking even I've used the lowest heat.

Thank goodness, it burnt just a little. I just left them covered to finish off cooking in the natural heat. Just before eating, I poured in a mixture of oyster sauce diluted with warm water and some garlic oil. Mix them about and serve the rice dish with blanched baby bok choi.

Lap Mei Farn


  1. not my fav but i might give urs a shot.. but erm.. u nevah invite pun :P hehe

  2. LL, I hope you get to eat the lap meis during CNY

    LCOM, cannot bring meat into US right? :( so sad

    NKOTB, YAY!!!

    C&C, but it was so hot leh no electricity, u wanna sauna at my place???


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