Tuesday 9 March 2010

Review: CNY Set at Zun Kitchenette


The last weekend of CNY, we decided to visit Zun Kitchenette for dinner for something fresh and slightly different from the norm. We have been revisiting occasionally, at times we brought guests and so far they've never fail in terms of tasty food and excellent service.

Since there are 5 of us, we opted for the 4 person set dinner (RM188) and added a Stuffed Tofu dish (RM18.00) for my Boiboi.

Started off with a small portion of Pear and Jelly Fish Yue Sang (without the yue LOL). The sauce is of the right balance of not too sweet nor sour which went well with the pear. The jellyfish lend a crunchy touch.

Yue Sang of Pear and Jelly Fish

This time, instead of the herbal soup that we can pick from the menu, we were served Pumpkin Shark Fins With Crabmeat. OK I know it's not right to order fins but it's in the menu. Not sure about the rest, I liked the grated pumpkin shreds in the soup. Gave the soup a light sweetish taste.

Pumpkin Shark Fins

Next came the Stuffed Tofu (RM18) dish.

Braised Tofu

This dish, logs of Japanese tofu are made into a chest stuffed with ermmm I'm not really sure what hahaha but could be fish or scallops. The cover is topped with a kei chi (goji berry) and laced with a light starch gravy.

Treasure inside braised tofu

This is Zun's version of Steamed Prawns in Wine which contains some Chinese herbs that made the broth fragrant. Usage of herbs is limited hence did not over power the flavour of the fresh prawns.

Steamed Prawns in Wine and Herbs

After prawns, we have a chicken dish. This Herbal Spring Chicken ermm has a total different type of herbal taste from the prawns. I loved this as I can detect star anise, cloves and cinnamon stick in the soy sauce base.

Herbal Spring Chicken

Next came the Braised Oyster with Dao Gan (a type of layered beancurd skin). The presentation of this dish is rather unique. The braised assorted mushrooms, ginko nuts, lotus seeds, dao gan and oyster are placed in some sort of a deep fried beancurd skin as a wrap. The bottom part soaked with gravy and the exposed parts are crispy! Nice!!!

Braised Oyster with Dao Gan

Dessert were a Chilled Mango and Pomelo Soup and Steamed Homemade Nin Goe (rice cake) rolled in grated coconut. When the chilled soup arrived, I thought it's the usual santan with sago but the wait staff told us it's a mixture of milk and yoghurt with mango bits and pomelo. When Boiboi heard this, he proceeded and drink the soup up. Usually he won't touch it but he even asked for more! The nin goe texture is much softer and not as chewy, almost kuih like.

Mango pomelo in milk and yoghurt

Nin Goe Nin Goe closed up

There are 5% Government tax and 5% service charge added to the total bill.

The Zun Kitchenette
Lot GL-01 Ground Floor
Shaw Parade
Changkat Thambi Dollah
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2118 6860

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  1. Wow... Eu Yan Sang has reall hit the right spot by going into F&B huh?? I haven't gone to their Zun Kitchenette before but already marvelling at their dishes in Zun Express (The Garden Mid Valley) especially their stir fried sang mee!
    Looks like an interesting place to bring my family to...

  2. my fav place ....normally not a fan for chinese food.

    based on your last review, we went there for dinner, loved the food, keep going back and even signed-up for their membership!

    i even tried their "bak zhan" soup. i still can't believe that i kinda like the soup!!

  3. Interesting. And I never knew they're from the Eu Yan Sang group though. Zun sounded rather... funky to be affiliated with some herbal conglomerate.

  4. Oh my... *drool*
    So if its by the EYS group then does that mean that the food is healthier too? Great! :)

  5. looks rather interesting their dishes..should go give this a try!

  6. i love the treasure chest look of the logs of Japanese tofu! very cute and ingenious;D

  7. leo, you know what, i hvnt try Zun Express yet :p

    celine, LOL i never like bak zhan too but their bak zhan somehow tasted different. very nice "kum" taste.

    J2Kfm, actually there's a meaning of Zun in Chinese but I cant remember now what :p

    J, yes. No MSG and apparently the Eu Yan Sang ancestor have sworn before that they will not sell fake stuff, hence their pricing tend to be higher than usual Chinese medicine hall.

    Joe, I think your parents will like it

    C&C, I think so too!

    taufulou ;-) always liked their dessert


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