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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 29 March 2010

It's Mango Season!!!

Hallloooo... (I can hear echoes of it LOL). It has been a week and cobwebs seem to be forming at the corners of this blog. To those who discovered us via Sunday Time's article, welcome to Babe in the City - KL! Sorry to left you guys waiting for a new post. Babe_KL went thru an extremely stressful week and from the sound of it, I will be rather busy for the next few coming months.

It's no doubt mangoes are in season now as I could hear the fruit sellers at the wet market yelling out loud peddling their mangoes trying to outwit each other by giving the best price. The super/hypermarkets are also filled with them.

I've got hold of some mangoes earlier in the season and some of them ripening so quickly that I decided to make this Mango Bread which I've faithfully printed from Celine (Life, Love and Me) since last year but never got a chance to make any when mangoes went out of season. She got the recipe from Wandering Chopsticks and seems like a lot of bloggers are raving over this mango bread.

I've to say this bread is really good when it's fresh as it is very moist and fragrant. The only downside I find the soda taste is a bit too strong, might have to do a bit of tweaking there for me.

Mango Bread

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Kenny Mah said...

Mango bread? That's a first - good use of fresh ingredients! :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

make one for me pls... I'm a sucker for mango

sckhoo said...

Something new. May try it.

Mango season? Smoothie season!!!

Unknown said...

huh? where did your man go?

... hehehe... I think it must be cheese season because I'm so cheesy.

qwazymonkey said...

Never tried mango bread before. Sounds interesting though.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hi, glad you liked the recipe, but please don't copy and paste my recipe. Write what you did in your own words or simply link to the recipe. Thanks.

PureGlutton said...

Yes, I LOVE mangoes - bought lots recently too! But I can't wait for the Indian/Pakistani mangoes to hit our shores - those are my faves!
Your mango bread looks yummy :-)

Tummythoz said...

Just back from Bangkok. Dragged a backpack full of these goldies onboard the flight. =P Super cheap super sweet!

Ciki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ciki said...

omg.. you crazy woman post bread that delicious looking want me to die arrrr?!! :P

Babe_KL said...

Kenny, yeah thanks, ppl get creative these days

hahaha ok can be arranged leo

have fun Khoo!

LOL Frat!

qwazymonkey, cos all these while u been eating banana bread??? :p

Sorry Wandering Chopsticks, I've duly removed them. Thanks for the wonderful recipe

PureGlutton, ya ya mangoes everywhere!!! if you have excess which I doubt so :p you can try this bread

ooo tummythoz, the longish type? loved those

errrmm C&C, can make do with banana bread first or not??? :D

tigerfish said...

I want to try some mango bread too :)
Must be good!

worldwindows said...

I love April in the tropics. RM2.00 per kilo of mangoes I can get. I like to eat a few at a time in my hotel bathroom and then go straight for a bath thereafter!

PerutBesi said...

Saw this post of urs & wow, mango bread?? The next time u bake this, I wanna try! I love bread...enjoy have both in one, awesome-possum!!

Babe_KL said...

tigerfish, yes it is!!

LOL worldwindows, yeah i usually suck the seeds over the kitchen sink

yikes Ruth, gotta make sure its during mango season