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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Catch Cake Boss on Discovery Travel & Living

Cake what???? It's Cake Boss!!!

Cake Boss, what the heck is that you may ask. Well, if you have been watching Astro, chances are you might have caught some snippets of Discovery Travel & Living new series, Cake Boss which is debuting 3 March 2010.

Cake Boss features award-winning pastry chef and cake decorator Buddy Valastro. Buddy has created some of the most mouthwatering and elaborate cakes, including Britney Spears' circus-themed 27th birthday cake and a live sized NASCAR race car! Now he is geared to serve up the perfect recipe for TV entertainment on Discovery Travel & Living’s new series Cake Boss.

Witness the sugar-charged drama Buddy and his big Italian family experience as they manage their booming business at Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey. Buddy supervises a team that includes his mother, four older sisters and three brothers-in-law. And when one is working with family on a daily basis, this could be a recipe for disaster.

This show chronicles Buddy's over-arching desire to achieve his late father's dream of making Carlo's a household name and the obstacles that threaten to stifle his ambition. Shot mostly at the back of the store, Cake Boss offers a fascinating look at the behind-the-scenes process of creating edible art out of flour and sugar, churning out old-school recipes and remarkably modern cakes.

From dealing with Bridezillas and taking a trip to the museum to research a prehistoric cake, to creating wedding cake containing live birds and taking on the challenge of icing a cake while blindfolded, catch the intriguing mix of drama and frosting-topped cake galore with Buddy and his family on Cake Boss.

Catch Buddy Valastro on Cake Boss on Discovery Travel & Living (ASTRO Channel 707) every Wednesday at 1900 hrs (7:00 pm Malaysia Time), starting 3 March 2010. Encores Wednesdays at 0500 hrs (5:00 am) and 1300 hrs (1:00 pm), Thursdays at 0100 hrs (1:00 am) and Sundays at 0400 hrs (4:00 am), 1200 hrs (12:00 pm) and 1800hrs (6:00 pm).

Well, in conjunction with the launch of this series Capt'n Hook and I were invited to The Cooking House for a hands-on cupcake decorating session with Lu Soo Chee. Soo Chee demonstrated how to transformed a plain cupcake into a flower pot filled with flower(s)!

cake boss 01

At first Capt'n Hook said he's not coming along since he's not interested with cake decoration but not sure what happened and he turned up! He was of great help kneading the fondant to the right consistency and shaped and roll the petals plus leaves out nicely :D

cake boss 02

See our flower pot LOL... seems ok in pics, just don't see the real thing.

cake boss 03

So far cry from Soo Chee and Buddy creations LOL...

Thank you Discovery Travel & Living for the enjoyable session.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Very pretty lah. :-) Must try to catch the show. :-)

vialentino said...

that flower pot doesnt seems like a cup cake to me at all...great job!

thanks for ur wishes on my 100k achievement...

Unknown said...

omg i watch Cake Boss too! he's amazing =) just dropping by. saw you at =)

i have a food blog of my own too =) check it out when you have the time okies?

take cares and I'm loving your pieces of art work =) good job!

Ciki said...

lovely. saw this on boo n keropokman's site!

Unknown said...

wow.. u guys sort of like attended the 'advanced' classes.

we were told the flowers were for more advanced students. hehe..

Babe_KL said...

LL ;-) but hv u seen Boo's. so cantik her petals

vialentino, LOL cos all covered up wid fondant!

hi Jenny, thanks for coming by, i visit yr blog on and off :D keep it up!

C&C, thanks

Keropokman, no wonder we were all having cold sweat LOL