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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Review: Restoran Mei Gai Hup


I've wanted to come to Mei Gai Hup forever, yes, forever but each time we come by, they're packed to the brim!!! I was told to be here before 7pm and yes we did at 6.30pm and yet still packed! Earlier this year they opened up another shoplot a stone throw away but it still doesn't help the situation. Sighhh... so one day we decided just to brave the crowd and took the brunt of waiting like 45 mins for our food to arrive :(

I was told this restaurant serves really good shark fins soup and they have the cheap and expensive options, since we're sharks friendly, we did not order any :D

So was it worth the wait and numerous drive-bys??

Let's see, we have their signature Siew Haw Kuat (RM15) which after translated it means Smiling Ribs. A thick slab of a rack of pork ribs were served. I loved the visual of the caramalised ribs with a slight sweetish sauce drizzle over. Surprisingly the ribs were fork tender and a set of fork and knife were provided to cut the ribs into smaller pieces.

MGH - signature pork ribs (siew haw kuat, smiling pork ribs)

My mom opted for an Assam Squid and Prawns(RM15) that came sizzling in a hotplate. This is not too bad, would be good if it's slightly more sourish.

MGH - assam squid and prawns

I loved how this Homemade Tofu Topped With Minced Meat Sauce (RM10) is served! The tofu is placed in a bamboo steamer lined with banana leaf and topped with the minced meat sauce. The homemade tofu is smooth and went extremely well with the minced meat sauce. Wished there were more minced meat sauce though :(

MGH - steamed tofu with minced meat

Next we have a Chiong Tzing Fei Chau (Steamed Tilapia with Special Sauce RM15). We all loved the sauce here, coupled with the fresh fish from the tank... lovely combo indeed!

MGH - cheung jing fei chau

Then the obligatory green, Fu Yue Yau Mak (stir-fry romaine lettuce with fermented beancurd RM8) which is not as great as Restoran Makanan Laut Fook Kee.

MGH - foo yue yau mak

Since we did not order lavishly I guess the total bill of RM72.30 for 6 people sounds very reasonable.

MGH bill

So was it worth the wait and numerous drive-bys, it's definitely YES but next time we'll call and order our dishes in advance or perhaps try their other branches in Menjalara which I've forgotten which part.

Restoran Mei Gai Hup
No 20 Jalan Ambong Kiri 1
Kepong Baru
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 370 1382 or 012 213 2798
Opening hours: 11:30am - 10:30pm
Check out the map at Nic's.

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Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Well that certainly looked like a tasty meal! I've had a few restaurant experiences recently in Kuantan. Why don't you check them out at


J said...

Wow. Those ribs looks so good... :D
(But I guess I have a soft spot for porky dishes....)

minchow said...

Ahhh.. end of nasty day, and the sight of the ribs and the homemade tofu dish is so uplifting!! If only I can teleport myself to Kepong this very minute!

sckhoo said...

Pork ribs....yum yum

The price looks reasonable....but kepong is pretty far.

Thanx for the review. All the good food keep the captain prosperous. :)

worldwindows said...

The ribs and the steamed tilapia looks so good.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Price is reasonable and the food look delicious! A pity that KL is a bit far for my parents to go.

Rebecca Saw said...

Cheap lehh..and good too!
If only my GPS can take me to Kepong..mayb it could..if i knw what to key-in the screen i nthe 1st plc!

Ciki said...

looks really excellent!

HairyBerry said...

cool! u've tried MGH! yeah, it's really packed, especially after 6 pm. there's also yuen kee opposite the mosque which is quite popular among the locals as well. so many dai chows in that area, hor? and we havent talked about taman bukit maluri yet..haha.

Babe_KL said...

thanks duncan

J, who doesnt? :p

550ml jar of faith, got lick the screen or not??? kekeke

sckhoo, like wise yr place is sooo far :p

worldwindow, there... another place for you to check out in kepong!!!

LCOM, awww too bad

TNG, you want the coordinates ka?

c&c, not only look, taste quite excellent

yalor Nic, i think if we have a crawl each day for one whole month also kenot cover the whole of Kepong!!! :P

mamasoju said...

babe, it's nearby the DPC there... I mean the one at manjalara, I used to frequent that branch but the service and quality drop compare to last time, so my family didnt visit so much d...

Babe_KL said...

Hi mel^^mel, long time to see :p yeah i think roughly i know where but not good d?

mamasoju said...

yea... long time no c babe ^^
um, the last time i went was like 6 mths ago, quite dissapointing... not sure abt now...