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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Beef, Onions & Peas Quiche

Beef, Onions & Peas Quiche

Using the same recipe as Mini Cheese & Spinach Quiche, I sub the cheese and spinach with sliced beef, onions and peas. I browned the onion first before tossing in beef slices marinaded with soy sauce, a dash of worchestershire sauce, a bit of cornflour and pepper. Stirred quickly and added the peas. Season with some salt and black pepper. Dish up and cool down before placing them evenly over the pastry. Pour in egg and milk concoction and bake.

You can use frozen shortcrust pastry or make your own. I made mine this round. If you need the recipe, just leave a note in the comment and I'll post up the recipe.

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sckhoo said...

We have to ask for the recipe? hehe. Yeah, please. :)

Sugar Bean said...

I don't take beef. Is it ok to substitute the beef with chicken or pork? It'll still taste good right?

Rebecca Saw said...


Little Corner of Mine said...

Simply gorgeous!

Lydia said...

can i have the recipe for the frozen shortcrust pastry? tks.

ZMM said...

Hi.. since you bake so much, mind if you tell me what stand mixer you are using?

Do drop me a mail at

Babe_KL said...

sckhoo, hehe ya ya will post up when i have the time

sugar bean, quiche is one of the most versatile pastry. you can practically put anything you fancy inside

;-) nomad gourmand & LCOM

lydia, frozen shortcrust you can find at the supermarts. will post up the fresh crust recipe soon.

zara's mama, i'm using a kitchen aid