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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 19 June 2009

Review: Restoran Satu Ikan Tiga Rasa


It piqued my interest when my friend Pat mentioned that he went to this place somewhere in Kepong that serves a variety of dishes from one single fish. Last week we decided to go dinner together with CES and we asked Pat to bring us to this place which is actually in Selayang not Kepong. It's rather easy to find, from Kepong/FRIM just go straight on until the traffic light junction of the bridge/flyover from Selayang. Continue straight until roundabout. Take 12 o'clock and you'll see a row of hawkers on your left. Slow down and look for a left turn. Turn left and you should find the Restoran Satu Ikan Tiga Rasa on your left. It's actually part of the hawker row not in a proper shop lot.

Satu Ikan Tiga Rasa

We arrived rather late that night so no patrons were in sight, so we have Mr Moon (the owner cum chef) full attention. He showed us the fishes available from the ice-boxes that comes fresh everyday. As they were sea fishes, you won't be able to pick them live from a tank. The price could be on the high side depending on the type of fish you pick, so please do check first before ordering.

Mr Moon with parrot fish

These are the fishes we spotted on the menu book but again not all are available.

List of fish

Mr Moon was rather honest and just recommended us this hoong joe yue (red snapper) which is the right size for the 3 of us. Since it was a rather small fish we only get to have "2 cooks" meaning one fish to be cooked into 2 dishes. We let Pat to decide what to do with our snapper and he also ordered a prawn dish. Mr Moon keep assuring us that he doesn't use MSG in his cooking which we think it's very good as the natural freshness of the seafood can be tasted.

Our red snapper (hoong joe)

We browsed the menu book which is full of photos, many of them repeated or pictured differently. It recommends the kinda dishes you could order from one single fish and of course their specialties. I can't help but notice there were "ratings" like 1 cook, 2 cooks or 3 cooks. Upon enquiry, Mr Moon said it's rated by a team from Astro which Chui Ling was amongst them which you can see their pics plastered all over the place. Apparently, 1 cook is supposedly have the highest marks given.

I was captivated by this dish... Iced Mango Fish. From the pic, the deep fried fish was rested on a bed of mango cubes and topped with ice-cream??? When I asked Pat, he just smiled!!!

Iced Mango Fish

We waited almost 30 mins for our first dish to arrive, yes it's pretty long cos it's a steamed porridge (rice congee). Mr Moon advised us to call and order this in advance to avoid waiting that long. Part of our snapper including the bones were used in this dish, topped with an egg with a sprinkling of kei chi (goji berries) and served on top of a portable gas stove to keep the porridge warm.

Steamed Porridge

Thumbs up were given for this porridge from all of us. The porridge is extra smooth, very different from normal boiled porridge. The natural sweetness of the fish can be tasted here with a tinge of Chinese wine. Fantastic! Pat mentioned that the previous time, he have prawns added in which made the porridge even sweeter.

My bowl of steamed porridge

We asked for a prawn each after Mr Moon indicated that they're rather huge and he turned them into Cheese Honey style. The prawns I have to say are absolutely firm and fresh however, there is hardly any cheese detected. Most probably melted into the sweet and sourish gravy. The prawns were fresh but the sauce were mediocre.

Cheese Honey Prawns (RM21)

The last dish that came, errrm sort of like threw me and CES off a bit. So Pat did ordered the Iced Mango Fish afterall!

Ice-cream Mango Fish (top)

Due to our minuscule sized fish, the fish slices were thinly sliced, coated lightly with sesame seeds and deep fried. The fish slices were placed on the sides of a bed of mango and papaya cubes plus some canned rambutans with pureed mango at the bottom of the plate. In the centre were a myriad of ice-cream scoops of different flavours, yes, you read me... ice-cream!!! Finished off with a cherry as topper :P

Ice-cream Mango Fish

Mr Moon was there to guide us to eat this... place the fish and mango inside the mouth then followed by some ice-cream. I can't really described the feelings... it's a pretty different experience for someone who eats french fries dipped into soft ice-cream. Like CES' comment, "I think my mouth is kinda confused now"... yeah I could relate to this. It's kinda confused to my system to decide if this is part of my mains or was it dessert already??? It was fun though trying something out of the norm.

The prawn dish costed us RM21 whilst the 2 fish dishes came up to RM52.80. Tea and ice all round up our bill to RM81.30 which seems reasonable. Oh yeah this place do accept credit cards, so I can imagine those huge exotic fishes could cost an arm and a leg. I was told it gets very busy here on weekends so a reservation is a must as tables are limited.


There are other dishes as well like tofu soup, steamed fish, tung por yuk (one day advance notice required) and etc. Looks like I'll have to come again to check the rest out but for that night, the star was definitely the steam porridge! Gosh I'm drooling now.

Restoran Satu Ikan Tiga Rasa
Taman Selayang Segar
Lot 59-61 Jalan Besar Segar 1
68100 Batu Caves
Tel: 6016 268 8559 or 6012 605 1168
Coordinates: N 03° 15.093' E 101° 39.563'


Tummythoz said...

U got me drooling too.

But doubt I'll do that ice-cream fish dish. Fruits ok but ice-cream.. o_O"

minchow said...

Gahhhh! Fish with ice-cream?! I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. :-P

KY said...

waaaa, must eat this!!!! thanks for sharing!!

J2Kfm said...

wait wait. .. that's a little too funky.
i'd take the safe but boring route of steaming my pick.

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, this is probably the most special dessert I've ever seen. Fish with fruits and ice-cream?! Haha, but I do agree that it's nice to try something special once in a while.

thenomadGourmand said...

ahh...long time didnt eat "fish moey" already, and the best is those with really sweet fresh fish!

haha the mango fish memang "satu ikan 3 rasa".. sweet, cold and creamy!

Hazza said...

That first fish pictured looked fat and ripe for cooking. Was it parrot fish? Always wanted to try one of these!

choi yen said...

What a weird combination & fish =.=''

celine said...

i just can't help staring (and *drooling*) at the porridge. look so yummy ......

not so sure about the other fish dish though. fish with ice-cream and fruits, quite difficult to imagine, "lah".

Taufulou said...

what a cool menu they have~
will go hunt for it....

Babe_KL said...

tummy thoz, yeah kinda funny but could give it a try first

500ml jar of faith, kekeke i'm still standing strongly here

no problem KY

J2Kfm, eh i thot floggers will try everything and anything? :P

sugar bean ;-)

nomad gourmand :D ya ya

yes hazza, you got it right

mimi, yeah weird but no harm trying

skinnymum, you can always stick with the porridge and steamed fish here

have fun taufulou

daphne said...

I would love a bowl of that hot steaming congee right now! With fresh fish too.

Corgant said...

Hi BabeInTheCity,

I am Brian from and we here, would like to invite you to come to one of our food event next month!

It would be an honor if you can attend this event and kindly send me your email contact so i can email you the details of the events.



Do check us out on the website and magazine publication for June 09!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Jason said...

Hot n' Cold. I don't mind trying the ice cream fish ^^

Ciki said...

wow! the porridge looks fantastic and that uncle holding up the fish is a riot. and and .. waaa again to the bill. That's just crazy. so cheap!

Babe_KL said...

looks like you have to make your own daphne

brian, i hope to see you tonight

jason, it's not bad you know

c&c, the price was for ordinary fish, the price escalates according to the type of fish and size

Anonymous said...

That fish with ice cream dish is hilarious! I love how it really does resemble the menu picture!

Dragon City said...

fish in porridge? Is it hard to eat? I mean with the fish bone in porridge...

Babe_KL said...

:D thanks tamarind and thyme

dragon city, i guess depends on the type of fish, our red snapper doesn't have many

Simon Seow said...

KY when you going? Call me too lah.

Babe_KL said...

but simon, this is so near home :p

Kit said...

Hmm...that super-colourful fish sure looks like one of those endangered reef fishes!

Thanks for the pic of the red snapper though. I know now how to buy one more fish at the China market other than the white pomfret LOL

celine said...

babe, your are right the porridge was amazing ....... the steam fish was just "so-so", but the fish nugget that he prepared was impressive too. we liked the porridge so much that we gone back to try the fresh prawns+fish version. i like the just fish only better (i prefer more bland food) but prawns added version got the two thumbs up from hubs.