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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Review: Breakie at La Bodega Deli

Back when I was young, Sunday is always a treat for us as Dad will bring us out for breakie. Breakfast at Yut Kee would have been a great treat as other times kopitiam that serves good chu cheung fun, char koay teow, pork ball noodles or wantan meen would make us jump too.

However kids these days are far more privileged just like my boiboi. His daddy takes him to Old Town Kopitiam whenever he fancies some french toasts or at times a place that serves big breakfast when the maid mummy is not cooking up any yummy breakie.

La Bodega Deli front interior

This time we went to La Bodega Deli for some BIG breakfast. We were a little late for breakie but it's all right since big breakfast is served all day here. Daddy and mummy both have a portion of BIG breakfast with juice and coffee/tea thrown in for RM27++ each (RM22++ without the drinks). Boiboi wasn't interested to share with mummy after he saw the words waffles + ice-cream (RM18++) in the menu. I can't blame him... who could resist warm waffles topped with cold ice-cream???

La Bodega Deli back interior

Our big breakfast came with beef bacon, breakfast sausages, fried mushrooms, half a grilled tomato, baked beans, a slice of toast and eggs done in our choice, scrambled for me and bullseye for Capt'n Hook. Can't fault them as everything was done just as they should especially my scrambled eggs. When my plate reaches the table, my boiboi couldn't resist asking to share some of mine *roll eyes*. I think he ate virtually 3/4 of my eggs, half of my toast and all the sausages plus my juice.

BIG Breakfast (bullseye eggs) RM27 incl juice and coffee

BIG Breakfast (scrambled eggs) RM27 incl juice and coffee

When the waffles came, my boiboi only took a bit of the waffles but ate almost all of the ice-cream. So ended up the mummy and daddy doing the Alam Flora bit as usual. The waffles were crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside... tastes just as good plain or like us with some honey drizzled all over since boiboi ate up all the ice-cream which came in a single scoop only to go with 4 slices of waffles.

Waffles and ice-cream RM18

This is the kinda deli we would love to kick off our shoes on a lazy Sunday morning with excellent and attentive service from the wait staff. If only they're nearer home... sighhhh.

La Bodega Deli charges 10% for service charge and 5% goverment tax.

La Bodega Deli
18 Jalan Telawi 2
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2287 9468
Opening hours: 8am - 10pm (Mon - Sun)

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J2Kfm said...

nothing beats a leisurely family breakfast on a Sunday morning.
i miss those.
nowadays everyone slept til brunch hours, and eat leftovers.

Rebecca Saw said...

ohhh i lurve my brekkies!! Esp those English brekkie types..when i stay in hotels, i'll be up at 6am and eat the buffet til 11am! LOL! Scrambled eggs, BREAD, muesli, hash browns..sighhh...*burps*!!

Ciki said...

i love dis plc la.. can yack for hours and eat my big bfast:P

Flower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flower said...

Never have big breakfast outside kat Aussie ni. Cannot eat the bacon lah so I always end up making it myself. But sometimes kan, bila orang lain masak, rasanya lagi sedap. Selera pun bertambah.

Usually if teringin, after sending my two kiddies to school, my friend and I (around 8.30am) will have our breakie in Miss Maud Cafe. My fav. would be poached egg, hollandise sauce and sometimes, bila ada $$ lebih with some smoke salmon with a cup of latte. Yummy. Lepas tu boleh shopping.

But to think of it, I still prefer my nasi lemak with teh tarik. ;)

Cindy Khor said...

i do think that rm27 is a tad bit expensive for breakfast... or maybe its worth it due to service and surroundings??? but the big breakfast definitely looks yummy.

sc said...

the last i had big breakfast here was 5 years ago! time really flies! must drag my lazy @$$ here on a good sunday morning to enjoy it again :)

celine said...

i was brought up to have a cuppa on the go for breakfast. it's bad, but i just can't kick the habit ...

worldwindows said...

Definitely better than the coffeshop which serves good western. But the pay for the service and ambiance.

choi yen said...

I'm a breakfast person, this will definitely feed me up :)

celine said...

Guess what? I had breakfast at La Bodega and dinner at One fish, three styles ... Your no. 1 fan, huh?

Wilson Ng said...

I loved the food there but slighty $$$. Well, good food deserve good $$$.... :)

Babe_KL said...

;-) J2Kfm

:o burps nomad gourmand

c&c :D

oh yummsss flower... this place serves beef bacon so you can come here

yeah cindy, a tad ex but sometimes for the sake of it, we'll splurge a little

sc, hurry then :p

skinnymum, no leisurely breakie?? i like to have mine with newspaper :p

worldwindows, i guess once in awhile shld be all right

it definitely will, mimi

whoa hahaha that's great skinny mum!!! so how was the fish place?

yes wilson :D but not always

Simon Seow said...

Next time ask me along. I'll be the Alam Flora lol.

daphne said...

and the quality time spend with your boiboi! I would love to know how they made those waffles!

Babe_KL said...

simon, only if you dun mind to babysit him too!!! kekeke

daphne, could it be the industrial waffle maker???