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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Review: Brussels Beer Cafe


Actually, I was a bit reluctant to write about Brussels Beer Cafe as I find them more of a watering hole than a place that serves good food. Not to say their food is not up to mark but I guess it's really depends on what you order plus it's really individual's opinion. However, we do loved the wide range of beer selections they have here, that one Brussels Beer Cafe really wins hands down!

Brussels Beer Cafe

Capt'n Hook had a Leffe Brune Draught (1 pint RM26.00) which is a dark beer, incredibily smooth!

Leffe Brune Draught (1 pint RM26.00)

I have a rather fruity flavoured Hoegaarden White Draught (half pint RM14.00).

Hoegaarden White Draught (half pint RM14.00)

Whilst waiting for our friend to arrive, we have an order of "hard not to resist" Brussel's Style Roast Pork (RM18.80). The portion is a tad stingy and served with stoemp. Tastewise it was all right with the crispy skin but I feel our Chinese style siew yuk rocked me more especially those homemade ones :p

Brussel's Style Roast Pork RM18.80

Later on my friend and I have this Brussels Mushroom Soup (RM8.80) which was great! It's creamy but not heavy, packed with mushroom bits. Lovely indeed.

Brussels Mushroom Soup RM8.80

Capt'n Hook had Onion Soup RM9.80 which is mediocre only.

Onion Soup RM9.80

My boiboi and I shared a Sausage Platter (RM28.80). Now these sausages were just all right.

Sausage Platter RM28.80

Capt'n Hook's Lamb Shank & Stoemp (RM38.80) was a total disaster! The meat was tough even though the waitress said they have cooked it for many hours. They were not fork tender. The lamb still have gamey taste, something which Capt'n Hook detest. My friend's version of chicken doesn't look nor taste exciting as well.

Lamb Shank & Stoemp RM38.80

Overall, I think we'd better stick with the beer.

Brussels Beer Cafe
L-20-G, Block L, Jaya One
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +603 7954 2000

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wmw said...

Haven't been back to this place for quite awhile. Have heard some negative comments, hope they will buck up.

HairyBerry said...

there's something about our siew yoke tops other roast pork belly of different nationalities. somehow more flavourful, i think. :D

Taufulou said...

lol, did see some other customer try on their food and doesnt look tempting. so always go there for their beers~

UnkaLeong said...

We had the mussels from brussels in a pot. Forgot what it's called, but you get my drift. That tasted ok wor to me :)

But beer is always good :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yea food is alright, i mean drunkards arent meant to complain u knw..hahah

in any case, by the end of the nite, 3-4 pints can cause ppl like me to go home with empty wallets

Rebecca Saw said...

indeed. better stick to the beers! The sour cream served with the fries ws good tho..

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Expensive right the lamb shank?? Somemore not nice...haih! o_0

KY said...

beer + pork is always a winning combination :D

My Taste Heaven said...

looks really tempting!
should have come to your site earlier, i just got back from KL yesterday evening....TOO BAD~~~~

Kong-Kay said...

internet usage exceeds account, so painfully slow until end of month. can't even view all the photos u have. boi2 allowed in a drinking place?

Flower said...

Didnt know that the price of imported beer is so expensive there in Msia. I've heard that here in Australia beer is cheaper than water. Not too sure lah since I dont drink. But its adat turun temurun here when u'r invited to a bbq to bring a six-pack or BYO drink and drink only your own drink at the bbq unless offer by others. You know what, sometimes the host didnt even provide a drink.

Valisa said...

I love love LOVE hoegaarden wit. It's my favourite beer. Did they serve it plain or with a slice of lemon? I liek it plain but sometimes when it is hot it is also lekker to bottom up then suck on a slice of lemon! It's 11.12 pm here now you make me want one hahahaha let me see if we have some in the fridge :P
Brown Leffe is yummy too. I am not as particular with my dark beer compare to white.
Maybe you're right to stick to good beer!

Candy Wong 王尉溱 said...

This remind me one of the restaurant + Pub in D'sara behind Victoria Station. SOrry that i cant recall the name but it is a few doors away from Pork Rib and under the same mgnt too. The food, beer & wine are good.

BTW, I run a Melaka Hainanese food restaurant, do feel free to dropby to try ya.

Log on to for details.

Ciki said...

the beer tasted watered down but never had the food except for the fried bacon and chips. not bad la.. finger food is all you can have at joints like this i spose.. :P

Babe_KL said...

wmw, hopefully

nic :D ya ya

taufulou, hmm ya better stick to their beers

unka leong, i think their snacks fared better

hehehe Joe

nomad gourmand, so this really sounds like snacks are safer then

bangsar babe, expensive never mind but it has to taste better!!!


My Taste Heaven, can try one day then when you're free

Kong-Kay, aiyoks so charm one and it's only mid month!!! Err we were there earlier during happy hour and didn't stay on late

flower, it's very expensive ler and every year the tax sure increase one!

lisa, no lemon served with hoegaarden here, next time must try then

thanks food innovator & creator

huh c&c, even beer gets watered down now??? this is really bad

Dragon City said...

stick with the beer? But the roasted pork look ok wo.. = )

Rumela said...

I have eaten this brussels mushroom soup in Hong Kong at an Indonesian restaurant. But I am back home, I could not find the similar taste, I would try your Brussels beer cafe. Thanks for sharing.


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