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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 29 June 2009


Last Thurday, I was contemplating with Jay's invite to the grand launch of for I was coughing my lungs out for more than a week. The coughs were so forceful that they bruised my throat badly and rendered me almost voiceless. A first for me indeed to have lost my voice. Anyway, I decided to take up the invite and I have no regrets even though it was tough for me not being able to carry a conversation out.

I was late as the traffic in the city was horrendous but I caught another jam around The Curve, geee... which was bad. After registering, I looked around and saw no familiar faces. So I tried some of the food around then I saw Simon across the room. Can't miss this cutie in his bright red shirt! He's so famous that he was actually here in between another event at The Laundry!!!

Then... jeng jeng jeng, I thot I saw someone very familiar, yes yes yes, it's Su of Delectable. I was very happy indeed, it's my first time seeing the Queen of sugarcraft :p Funny how I actually got to know her when I invited her to partipate Merdeka Open House 2006: Recipe Long Forgotten and she submitted her Kampar Chicken Biscuits entry. From there I see how she paved her way to make her dreams came true with the opening of Delectable. You go girl!

Ermmm July is looming, should I host another round of Merdeka Open House???

Shortly later I said Hi to The Nomad Gourmand and she in turn introduced me to Pure Glutton!!! Wow, I was indeed very very happy to have attended this event. Later on Rachel turned up as well. Oh yeah I forgot Tim was there and he introduced me to his lovely wife.

I also finally met the people behind who is no stranger to me. A couple of my articles were featured in the printed magazine. Do check out the mag at major bookstores. Not only that, has a portal on restaurants and reviews PLUS you can click click to reserve tables at the participating restaurants and earn some vouchers along the way. Ahhhh... the wonders of technology!!!

Congratulations to on your grand launch!

p.s. Sorry no pics cos first I was late and then I was busy covering my mouth with a piece of tissue almost the whole time :p


Simon Seow said...

So sad you can eat the NZN ice-cream. I went to Sanctuary, not Laundry :p

Sugar Bean said...

Hope you're feeling better now.

Aww, we missed the event, would be delighted to meet new people and bloggers. Glad you had fun! :)

HairyBerry said...

get well soon, babe! :D

Babe_KL said...

oops solli, simon :p sighhh boh Zen cakes boh NZ ice-cream so charm leh

awww, sugar bean, there'll be next time

thanks nic

Rebecca Saw said...

heheh.. great to finally meet u & Capt Hook too!
Mayb nx time ca meet ur boi boi? ;)

Take care 7 dont eat too much PB nutella muffin wth ya throat like tht ah!

Babe_KL said...

nice to meet you too TNG