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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Minced Pork With Preserved Olive Leaves


Late last year I discovered this Preserved Olive Leaves from my tealady as she was passing one bottle to a colleague. Being curious, I asked her what was it and she told me its "kanna" leaves, kanna being olives in Chinese. Ahhhh so this was it!!!! I've been reading about this kanna leaves in Chinese magazines ie YumYum and Famous Cuisine but I've no idea how they look like or come about. She told me I can buy them from vegetarian supply shops which I did that very weekend!

Preserved Olive Leaves bottle

This is how the leaves looked like out of the bottle. It's saltish and soaked in oil.

Preserved Olive Leaves bottle

Best eaten right out of the bottle with plain porridge!!! I really like them even though I tried not to take so much preserved or canned stuff from China. I guess once in a long while won't harm though.

Rice Porridge topped with a dollop of Preserved Olive Leaves

I decided to make use of these leaves to cook up a simple dish recently to go with plain porridge. This recipe I've obtained from Famous Cuisine. It's very easy to cook and seriously went well with plain porridge. Give it a try.

Minced Pork With Preserved (Pickled) Olive Leaves

200g minced pork
2 red chillies, chopped (you can adjust the amount according to your taste)
3 tbsp preserved olive leaves
2 stalks corriander, chopped
1 tbsp garlic, chopped

1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp cornflour
4 tbsp water

1. Mix minced pork with marinade and keep aside.

2. Heat up 2 tbsp oil and saute garlic till fragrant. Add in marinaded minced pork, stirring constantly in high heat till aromatic and cooked through.

3. Add olive leaves, stir well and lastly add in chillies and corriander. Stir to mix well.
Dish up and serve at once.

Ref: Famous Cuisine, Issue No. 47, Page 69

Minced Pork With Pickled Olive Leaves

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choi yen said...

I think I can have 2 bowls of rice with appetizing

rokh said...

i am missing home cooked food now!!

InnerJourney said...

looks really good. my daughter does not like the kanna leaveas but will try this out tonight. she might just love it. tks

earl-ku said...

i think they are called as "kam lam" as in olives and "yip" as in leaves said...

Thanks for the recipe. LOL, I have a bottle in my fridge and I think it has expired because I also didn't know what to do with it. The recipe looks delicious.

GFAD said...

Looks yumm! I like it with plain porridge too.

Babe, do you have any recipes using xue cai? I bought some to make goutie and pau filling, but still have some leftover. Have used some to steam with mince meat, but still got leh. What else can we use it for ah? Your this recipe can substitute olive with xue cai ah?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

try it with french beans..remember my mom cooking that way..with some minced pork too!

Unknown said...

man,i really love your blogs..You are one of my favorite bloggers.Gambateh..

boo_licious said...

I love those olive leaves - they are so addictive! Dangerous to have them at home as one spoonful is never enuf.

Babe_KL said...

mimi, i had 2 bowls of porridge :p

rachel, am sure yr kitchen is going to be functional soon to make all these homecooked food ;-)

hi sf, thanks for coming by. hope yr daughter likes this

yes earl, that's in cantonese

lilian, you can just eat like that wid porridge or just try this dish. very nice wid porridge

kat, i've no idea that xue chai also came in a bottle hehehe do they??? i only ate them at esquire kitchen so far :p maybe you sub and let me know it works or not

thanks joe for the tip, will try it soon

thanks jr reaper. are you someone whom i knew???

totally agree wid you boo_licious

FooDcrazEE said...

hmmm.....try that with some steam fish.

STeam the fish, remove all access liquid and topped the preserved veg and a lil oil on fish and serve.


Anonymous said...

i don't like this on its own, but love it when stir-fried with meat. My mom used to fry chicken slices with olive veg and lemon grass. Your version looks so simple but yummy! :)

Pegasus said...

Hi there..

Been trying to get hold of you..but to no drop me a mail.

As for the "Olive Leaves", I was only recently introduced to it when I was in Shenzhen..and my friend kept insisting that I buy this bottle of black thing in one of their supermarket...anyhow, brought in back and my parents Wallup the whole bottle(and it is way larger than the one you've shown) 2days. I have a friend returning this let me know if you want more..ha..ha..