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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Review: Webbed Feet Delight

Can you guess what is this???

ngap keuk pau

Sorry, I know it looked very gross especially under such lousy lighting with my camphone. Hehehe... it's actually Ngap Keuk Pau, literally translated as duck feet wrap. Hahaha sounded grosser huh??? I doubt the younger generations would have any inklings to this item which is usually found at roast duck stalls in Petaling Street.

Last Friday, I went along with Yozora to Petaling Street. She wanted to grab some char siew (bbq pork) to make loh mai kai for her miow-miow. Whilst waiting for the Auntie to chop up the char siew and siew yuk, I can't help but salivate over the string of the webbed feet. The wraps practically glistened under the sunlight! I haven't eaten this delicacy for more than 15 years! I still remember how my mom would packed them back whenever she goes to Petaling Street.

Since I was scheduled to go back to my parents that evening, I packed 10 pieces home at RM2.00 each. My mom said it's expensive recollecting that it only costed RM1 for 3 back then but she said these are much bigger in size.

I'm not sure how these wrapped duck feet are made, could be marinaded in the same char siew sauce before grilling. Wrapped on the outter layer is the duck's intestine. Then, there is a piece of duck feet and few pieces of lean char siew. Nestled on the feet is a piece of duck liver and gizzard.

ngap keuk pau unwrapped

Tasted good but not as succulent as I could remember. Maybe because the usage of lean meat. I remember back then, it's usually a large piece of fatty char siew. The gizzard is very very hard that I threw them away after one bite hehe. Best part is the chewing and suckling up the webbed feet. That's the most fragrant bit.

The piece that my dad took has no duck feet inside which my mom said it's pretty normal. In place of the feet, they have more char siew pieces. If you have some fear factor blood in you and decided to give this delicacy a try, head on to Petaling Street, this stall is located at the entrance to the wet market next to Pak Peng Building or alternatively you can find them at Sei Ngan Chai or roast duck stalls along here.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Tummythoz said...

Always been visually attracted to this at the 4-eyes-guy stall but still just too chicken to try.

Kenny Mah said...

That might be just a bit too much DUCK for me, hehe.

Hazza said...

Its been awhile since I had this too. I once put up a thread in a UK Chinese forum to try to obtain these in the UK, but without luck. My memory of this is that it never ever had ducks feet in it and the piece of char siu is always fatty. If I recall correctly, my mum used to buy it from the duck rice shop in Sectn 17, at the Sentosa square. See review here: I used to play basketball with one of their sons :-)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

dis is definitely feet with char siew...

JOjo said...

Duck intestine? never heard of lei, only know the chicken intestine served at one of the chicken rice stall back at home.

daphne said...

my first impression was ewwwwwwww but i guess we shouldn't judge the book by its cover.

Unknown said...

gosh they increase the price again..i bought it for rm 1.5 last yr

Babe_KL said...

tummythoz, give it a try la

kenny is such a chicken eh??

hazza, perhaps its a msian delicacy??

joe & jojo, game to try or not? :P

daphne, we feast with our eyes first eh keekeke

kampungboycitygal, yaka wahh i wont know since the last i bought was like 15years + ago

Fashionasia said...

i tried them b4 at the petaling street stall....first time i saw it i bought back 1 each for all my family members and...erm.....nobody really knows how to appreciate them...tasted kinda....weird. :P

Big Boys Oven said...

here comes the giant duck feet! I am so used to the petite ones, when I saw this, gosh I totally freak out! lol!

mamasoju said...

hehehe... ngap kiok bao... errr... I used to think it taste weird, but after trying for few times, i m kind of fallikng in love :p

Babe_KL said...

haha not for the faint hearted i guess fashionasia

haha BBO

ahmel, the chewing makes the flavour comes out