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Review: Red Door Cafe & Restaurant

RD - Red Door

Red Door is one of my parents' favourite joint but seriously I don't find them that great, just mediocre on the number of occassions I have joined them for dinner. Even though claimed by a couple food writers that this place serves authentic Nyonya food but I chose to digress. We have ordered ala carte dishes to go with rice but the portion is way too small and doesn't taste fantastic, let alone authentic. Funny that this place is always packed on weekends, well maybe there isn't much choice in Jusco Metro Prima.

Since sometime back, they decided to widen their menu by introducing individual meals like noodles or rice and when we went there recently, they have some additional items added to the menu as well.

I went for their Duck Noodles (RM8.80). The soup is of the herbal kind which is similar to the famous duck noodle found at Pun Chun, Bidor but clearer. Hubby was busying helping himself to my soup whilst waiting for his Char Koay Teow (stir fried flat rice noodles).

RD - herbal duck soup noodle RM8.80

This was hubby's Char Koay Teow (RM6.80) which I tried a bite. Great to note it has enough "wok hei", a must for Char Koay Teow. Tastewise, it was surprising a good one.

RD - char koay teow RM6.80

Dad ordered Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM8.80), errr in a nyonya restaurant??? Aiyoh hahaha but he said it's a new item and he wanted to try it. When it came, it looked not too bad. I didn't taste it so no comment but he said it was ok.

RD - Hainanese chicken chop RM8.80

My mom had their Melaka Chicken Rice (RM7.80) which came with 3 elongated rice balls served with soy sauce chicken. I ate this before and it was nice. The soy sauce chicken tasted like my mom's style. I like the chili sauce (sorry no photo cos her food came late and I didn't want to delay her from digging in).

We have a plate of fruit rojak (RM6.00) which is all right too but our only complain was the fruits were not cut in consistent sizes. Some of them came thinly sliced but some came in huge chunks! Just purely fruits and no crisps nor yau char kwai (deep fried crullers).

RD - rojak RM6.00

Mom and hubby each ordered cendol (RM2.80) which I think has improved tremendously but the portion is still kinda small. At least this time the cendol strips didn't came frozen.

RD - cendol RM2.80

Note: Not sure if it's halal or it's just pork free. Price stated above is excluding the 5% Government tax and 10% service charge.

Red Door Cafe & Restaurant
F27 First Floor
Jusco Metro Prima
Jalan Kepong
Tel: 603-6252 6186

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  1. the char kuaw tiau looks like its mee instead of kuaw tiau?

    the chicken chop looks unappetizing

  2. hmm my in laws love this place too... although I have only been there just twice , found this place to be , "ok la" ...

    had no idea they were nyonya food experts...

  3. the soup looks so bland..but if ur husband was bz with must hav been good!

  4. Yeah, the CKT looks like CM (char mee).

  5. Rojak without yau char kuai? That's like cookies without cream! Good... but not complete... :(

  6. Definitely prices that i would love.. :)

  7. This place used to be my family regular visit restaurant....

  8. wah, the chicken chop just look like a piece of chicken covered with HP sauce.

  9. iced nyior & jason, oopps i sorry to state dat hubby asked for koay teow and mee :p

    bernsy, when they started, its mostly nyonya food

    joe, at least its not msg laden

    BBO, ok la i would say

    kenny, well said!!!

    haha mamabok, when lah you coming for a visit???

    mimi, hv you stop visiting now?

    :p simon

  10. oh!! must visit this place.My mom live near..chicken rice ball!!

  11. give it a try beachlover and let me know how they fare in your book

  12. i'm quite fussy about nyonya food - i've been there about 5 times and find the food there excellent :). great decor too, the furniture. if only it wasn't in far away for me.

    why not ask the owner to recommend next time, if she's there? her name is mimi.

    if you return, try the fruit drink - i can't remember what it's called, but it's got bits of dragon fruit in it. quite yum.


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