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Review: Mui Hiong Salt Fish Delicacy


I first read about this Mui Hiong Salt Fish Delicacy in the papers a couple of years ago but somehow never got round to Imbi to check them out even though hubby is a big fan of salted fish. Sad when Lilian even ate here on one of her trips to Kuala Lumpur!!! I told myself I must make it a point to come by but still...

Next I saw the delicious post by Lyrical Lemongrass, wahhh must definitely put this a few ranks up in my long long list of "To Eat". We were determined and went one day but alas the shop was closed! *pout*

Opportunity came again the following week when we arrived at the million dollar question of where to eat one evening, hubby was gamed when I mentioned the salted fish place again. We went round the block twice but can't find any car park but was delighted they were at least opened, anyway, we eventually got into the paid carparks which are aplenty besides Imbi Palace Restaurant. Mui Hiong is located at Medan Imbi, same row as Lo Hong Ka.

Lo hold behold, don't be misled by the plain black and white signboard, elegant Chinese styled marble topped tables and chairs will greet you upon entering the glass door. A lady whom we found out was the wife of propriety, George Lai. She made some recommendation to us and shoot off to the kitchen to hand in our order.

Whilst waiting, we looked around and couldn't helped but to noticed a children playpen beneath the stairs. Hubby was curious and went over to have a look, and he waved me over to check out the cosy pen filled with mattress, toys and telly. There is a little boy came over and hubby held out his palm. The little boy then proceed to place his palm over hubby's... awwww very sweet. We later found out that the little boy is one of George's son, same age as our boiboi but he's autistic. Mrs Lai was surprised at how her son reacted to hubby as she said he's usually very reserved. Many words were exchanged and shared since one of hubby's friend had an autistic child. Mr & Mrs Lai seems frustrated and at all ends but upon hubby's adviced to show more compassion rather than resort to scolding and caning, it was then George realised that he noticed that his son would listen to him whenever he asked him to do things nicely. Well, we hoped we could drop by one day with our boiboi to play with him and see how the child had progressed after his horse riding sessions which is a form of therapy. Wish all is well ;-)

By then our soup came. We ordered a single portion of Ngau Chat Soup upon strongly recommendation from Mrs Lai. Errrmm I know, it sounded a bit foul haha but apparently ngau chat is a type of Chinese herb and not beef part *ahem*, double boiled with a few other Chinese herbs and chicken meat. It's our first and we both loved it. The soup is very ching timm (clear with natural sweetness). Had wanted a second bowl but decided against it, otherwise we would be over stuffed.

MH - ngau 7 soup

We have a Steamed Minced Pork with Yau Yue (dried squid, ) which abosolutely tasted homemade just like Ma's!

MH - steamed minced pork with yau yue

Next came this delicious Stir Fried Bittergourd and Prawns in Salted Eggs. There were 3 HUGE prawns in our portion since we asked to have a smaller portion, otherwise Mrs Lai would have given us 2 prawns each. I guess the prawns were pre-fried before stirring in thinly sliced bittergourd. A thick gravy made out of salted egg yolk is poured all over, stir till melded before serving. We licked and sucked the creamy gravy from the shells before digging into the firm and fresh prawn meat. Who would think prawns, bittergourd and salted eggs could lived under one roof harmoniously??

MH - stir fried bittergourd and prawns in salted eggs

A steamed white pomfret with salted fish was highly recommended by Mrs Lai...

MH - steamed pomfret with salted fish

... but where is the salted fish??? LOL... the treasures were hidden underneath the fish!!! George told us to drizzle the broth onto our rice but aduiii so little broth on the plate which we both fought for them. After tasting the fish, I totally understood why George had placed the salted fish beneath. By doing so, one can taste the natural freshness and sweetness of the fish without marring the taste with the strong and salty salted fish. Ohh how clever!

MH - steamed pomfret with salted fish (underneath)

This restaurant seems very popular as we see the crowds trickling in as the clock ticks and we were told to reserve should we decided to visit on weekends. I guess I know why... the food here not only reminds one of mother's or maybe not, more like hometown (ka hiong) cooking but they're genuinely good.

For the above dishes, two bowls of rice (they used good quality rice which I liked) and a pot of tea, the meal came to RM65.00. Prawn and fish are at market rate.

Mui Hiong Salt Fish Delicacy
4 Jalan Medan Imbi,
Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-299 3331
Opening Hours: 12 noon - 3.00pm; 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Closed on last Monday and Tuesday of the month

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  1. good to see ur review. been putting off trying it for a long time too! next time must go

  2. As a psych and working in the field of autism, it's heart warming when a child with autism attempts to connect with another person.

    this certainly sounds like a satisfying meal. I can see that the gravy is pretty much gone from the plate of steam fish! =)

  3. Ever since we first visited this restaurant, hubby and I have been going back to this place a number of times. Food's tasty. What more can one ask for? :-)

  4. I too got very interested in this place after reading llemongrass's post but somehow forgot about it. Thx for the reminder. Will highlight on my to-eat list!

  5. ;-) lanatir

    indeed it was daphne cos the parents were surprised too. btw dats all the gravy dat came with the fish!!!

    lemongrass, definitely the good food

    tummythoz, a must try indeed

  6. hey.... i heard from my friend that this restaurant is very expensive but from yr review its so reasonable price... i must give them a try!

  7. yeah wor..can try this the next time my parents ask where to eat..ham yu and the fish..serious combination..i would not have dared tried such a dish..

  8. jackson, the price is for 2 person but then again depends on wat you order i guess. that nite, the fish was RM22, prawns RM24 or could be vice versa.

    joe, u never ate fish steamed with harm yue?? it's very nice one leh but at home we normally placed the harm yue on top

  9. Me and my wife were fleeced by this Mui Heong restaurant. One small (no gigger than my palm) promfet, one small minced pork, one vege and tea for 2. The price? RM91. The bloody fish alone cost RM45.

    Go eat in this restaurant if yo9u want to be ripped off.

  10. I totally agreed. If you want to be ripped off,go to this restaurant. We,9 adults only ordered 4 dishes+soup, cost us rm 450. Their famous bittergound with prawns cost rm120. But I would say purple cane can do a better bittergound with salted egg,even without the prawns. I do not mind to pay the money if the prawns are fresh. Overall, quite disappointed with the restaurant. I do not think the taste is worth to pay for the price they charge.


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