Thursday, 15 February 2007

Loh Mai Kai (Chicken Glutinous Rice)

**Non-Halal Post**

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A quicky post for Flower even though it's not halal. Hahaha sorry ok. It sparked off in my Waxed Meats Glutinous Rice post. Flower said she's gonna make a halal version using chicken, so I'm giving some ideas to her on what other ingredients she can use.

Let's see, I've made this Loh Mai Kai (literally translated as Glutinous Rice Chicken, commonly found in restaurants/stalls selling dim sum or at bao stands) the same time as the Waxed Meats Glutinous Rice. The rice wasn't good but there were loads of ingredients in this Loh Mai Kai.

I've laid a quartered hard boiled egg, Chinese black mushroom, soaked dried shrimps, lap cheung (one type of waxed meat) and a few slices of char siu (bbq meat). So, Flower, you can substitute these stuff with whatever you can find and deem suitable.

Will try to make better ones next time. I know, they could look ok but tastewise, its just not right some how.

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  1. when are you inviting me to your house?

  2. LOL, KY, i can invite you anytime but i dun cook all the time one wor haha

  3. Wah! Loh Mai Kai also you make, ah? Very the hardworking la you... :)

  4. you've just successfully made me hungry... so damn hungry!

  5. babe, how do you consistently make your food look so gorgeous? *green eyes* :D

  6. Babe, banyak2 terima kasih lah. This is the one that I have always eaten in Malaysia. My bosses wife used to make this for us in the office and I think I this is the one that we have as one of the dish for our dim sum. Yummy isnt it.

  7. Yum! Home made some more. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family. Here's to a great Year of the Boar filled with yummy eats and lots of prosperity.

  8. Slurp! Slurp! Ha ha ha...

    Gong Xi Fa Chai! May there be abundance of blessing, prosperity and longevity for all!

  9. pablopabla, play-play only haha

    zewt, thanks for coming by

    sc, looks could be deceiving one :p

    no problem flower. hope yours will be successful

    thanks so much boo_licious

    tummythoz, thanks

    thanks for your wishes wmw

  10. haha, i did a post on my home made lomaikai too! will improve on my recipe by adding lap cheong n egg slices ^_^

    feel free to drop by n comment on my recipe!

  11. xiu long bao, saw your loh mai kai recipe, must have tasted great unlike mine :(

  12. xiu long bao, saw your loh mai kai recipe, must have tasted great unlike mine :(

  13. is "FLOWER" the same flower who's residing in perth? she muslim ah? i thought she looked eurasian.

  14. FBB, yeah same person. no idea lah since i never met her before haha


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