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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Kiddy Craft: Chinese Lantern for CNY

Chinese New Year is approaching... to keep my boiboi occupied last weekend, I got him to make some lanterns using some old angpow (red) packets. He thoroughly enjoyed himself cos he loves to use the scissors since its a forbidden or rather controlled usage item. There was once recently I left him just for a short while to go to the kitchen to fetch something, my little terror ran in to tell me "Mummy, I cut your lights!!!"... he snipped the fairy lights into 2!!!! I know he was scared cos he had this worried look on his face. Luckily it's day time and the lights are not switched on!

I scolded him a bit when I went to check the damage. Anyway, later during breakfast, little terror turned angel when he uttered without any reminder or coaxing "Mummy, I'm sorry I cut your lights." with you know... the poor little puppy face?? Heart totally melted. Anyway, his daddy lectured him on the danger part when he came back in the evening but I wonder if he will ever remember! It's hard to get such messages across to boiboi cos he tends to be forgetful but when it comes to cars, toys, cartoons, games... wahliau... can remember every single details. Usually we'll let him have a taste of the danger of certain stuff we would want to instill in him (under supervision of course) but electric shock, how leh? Anyone have any tips to share?

Back to the lantern project, I'm gonna share it here for my friend just like what I did for the Boat craft.

First get some rectangular shaped angpow packets. Fold into half on the longer sides. Using pen and ruler, draw some lines across leaving a bit of gap (about half cm) at the edge (see pics below). Next get your kid to cut on those lines. Ensure kid does not cut all the way thru haha...

CNY lantern01 CNY lantern02 CNY lantern03

Next step, take the 2 corners diagonally to each other and place 1 corner on top of another. Then staple the corners together. You can hold the corner together and let your kid to staple them but they might not have enough strength.

CNY lantern04 CNY lantern05

Boiboi's lanterns on the left and mine on the right. Hahaha not very neat but hey, he did put in great effort there.

CNY lantern06 CNY lantern07

I asked him to hang on the fibre optic cherry blossom tree. He was very happy decorating the tree with his lanterns and he told me "When daddy come back, he's gonna love it". Sweet hor?

CNY lantern08

So what are you waiting for??? Get your kids, nieces, nephews, little cousins etc and start this lantern project. The return is priceless...


GFAD said...

You have a fibre optic cherry blossom tree?? What's that? And where did you get it? I'm looking out for decorations to take with me when I move. Easy to find Christmas trees there but not easy to find cherry blossoms.

boo_licious said...

kat beat me to asking abt the fibre optic cherry blossom tree! Sounds so high tech.

Flower said...

Your Boiboi samelah like my son. Anything else also tak ingat except his car toys. Every details of it. If he's building his lego car, I will not touch it because if I accidently pull the car apart, he will marah me. HEhehehehhe

Babe_KL said...

kat & boo_licious, my mom bought it for me a few years back. her neighbour was selling them then but i've never seen any sold at the shops.

the tree is about 3 ft tall and have all these cherry blossoms with fiber optics stamen (correct ka? i forgot the term haha). hmm i'll go back and take a video for you all to see. it's kinda nice.

flower, i guess all kids are the same haha

KittyCat said...

Hi! Just listed you as my fav 5 Malaysian bloggers. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family =)

teckiee said...

if only i could bake cookies and hang them on the tree

Babe_KL said...

hey, thanks kittycat

teckiee, if you can bake ingot shape ones, why not? hehehe

MeiyeN said...

i've been doing this ever since i was a kid and truly enjoy it! oh... da fibre optic cherry blossom tree can be purchased at jusco 1utama & malacca.. saw it weeks ago at da price of RM 250 i think.. :D