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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Fish Fillet with Abalone Mushroom and Lotus Root

Fish fillet with abalone mushroom and lotus root

I saw this Fish Fillet with White Chestnut Mushroom recipe in Famous Cuisine magazine Issue 41 (Nov/Dec 2006). Since I can't find any White Chestnut Mushroom, I replaced with Abalone Mushroom instead. I've never tasted fish cooked this way and I find the taste very different from the usual fish dishes. The colour looked plain and greyish, not that appetising as compared with my dark or colourful dishes. The texture varies too from soft fish pieces and mushrooms to crunchy lotus roots. A huge change indeed but kinda refreshing.

Fish Fillet with White Chestnut Mushroom

350g white fish fillet/dory fish fillet (sliced)
100g local lotus root (thinly sliced)
1 box (100g) white chestnut mushroom
1/2 tsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp XO sauce
1 stalk spring onion

1/8 tsp salt
1/4 tsp monosodium glutamate (I omitted this)
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1/2 tsp Shao Xing wine
1/2 tsp cornstarch

Sauce (mix well)
2 tsp abalone sauce
1/8 tsp pepper
1 tbsp Shao Xing wine
6 tbsp water

Cut the stalk of the white chestnut mushrooms, rinse and tear out. Blanch into boiling water with the lotus roots together for a while. Remove and drain. Keep them aside.

Mix the fish slices with marinade until well combined. Marinate for about 15 minutes. Parboil into hot oil for a moment (I pan fried the fish instead). Dish out and ready to use.

Leave 2 tbsp oil in the preheat wok to fry the garlic till fragrant. Add in XO sauce, lotus roots and mushrooms. Stir fry briskly for a moment.

Add in fish slices and sauce mixture, bring to a boil, toss lightly, and cook until fish slices are cooked thoroughly. Lastly, thicken the sauce with a little cornstarch solution. Place in sectioned spring onions, stir well. Dish up and serve hot.

Ref: Famous Cuisine magazine Issue 41 (Nov/Dec 2006), page 8

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wmw said...

Lovely combo. I love lotus root and mushrooms. I especially like the lotus root fried with nuts and celery.

Tummythoz said...

Yeah, doesn't look appetising but still sounds good. Never bought XO sauce before. Any good recommendation?

Rasa Malaysia said...

Babe - either Audrey or I will be sending out an Evite soon so please be on the lookout. I hope we can meet up (and exchange some cooking tips and new ideas!). LOL!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Babe - I just tagged you. Check it out on my site.

Babe_KL said...

wmw, try it one day, its pretty simple

tummythoz, try lee kum kee

beeyinn, will try my best ok. about the meme... will do it when i dun feel so lazy haha

sc said...

never seen such combination before babe.. very interesting!

Babe_KL said...

sc, me too, dats why i tried cooking it, not bad though.