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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Hawker Stalls Behind Yut Kee Restaurant

**Non-Halal Post**

Lane behind Yut Kee01

This is a hand painted picture I found one day dining at Purple Cane Tea Cultural Centre over in Chinese Assembly Hall. I was staring at it and suddenly it came to mind where about is this place. I was there a few days ago chowing down old hawker favourites of my parents era! Yeah the hawkers are located along the lane behind Yut Kee Restaurant in Jalan Dang Wangi have been around that long. My mother had always mentioned the curry laksa here costed her a mere 20 sens then as compared to now, RM3 - RM3.50 a bowl and that was way before I was born ok.

Reminiscing the old times, I brought hubby there one morning. He had only been to Yut Kee but not these hawkers at the back. There are about 8 - 9 stalls located along here and the fares offered ranging from char kuey teow, Penang prawn noodles, loh meen, tau foo far (soy bean curd), curry laksa, chu cheung fun, mee rebus and so forth. These stalls are opened for breakfast and lunch.

Take note of this stall... it's selling Penang style noodles of all sorts as you can see from the signage. I absolutely lurrrveee the loh meen Penang style from here. Take your pick of noodles to be served in a thick but not overly starchy gravy peppered with 5 spice powder. There will be a few generous pieces of pork ribs along with lean meat and braised hard-boiled egg slices. One spoonful of chopped garlic will be served, so its entirely up to you how much to add in. I'm salivating now even by virtue of describing it here haha... best eaten with the chili sauce.

penang stall

This is the prawn noodles that came in a darkish brown broth which is absolutely so Penang haha... Halves prawns, slices of lean meat, loads of pork ribs and a sprinkling of deep fried shallots complete this other than some kangkung and half-boiled egg slices. Each time I will lapped up all the broth... do I need to say more?

prawn mee

Now the first stall at the entrance fries up one of my fave char kuey teow in town. I'm not sure what style is this but it's pretty rare to find this style these days. It's best to be eaten without any addition of eggs and I usually order keuy teow mix with yellow noodles. This kuey teow littered with bits of lard, is slightly wettish and full of charred aroma. I liked the cockles half-cooked and the plump taugeh (bean sprouts) with a bit of crunch. My parents favourite too!


My dad used to frequent here for the mee rebus which sadly it's no longer tasted as good ever since the original Indian Muslims owner went back to India for good. They sold their stall; lock, stock and barrel; to someone else and some how the recipe must have lost in transition. How sad!

My other love here is the soy bean drink and the tau foo far (soy bean curd). The man selling now has taken over the stall from his dad! You can opt for Michael Jackson which is just soy bean mixed with cincau (black grass jelly) or even a sour plum drink. Anyway, most of these stalls are manned by second generations by now and thank goodness the quality is still maintained.

The wantan noodles here are freshly made right at the stall. No wonder the texture is so different. I never knew about this until I saw them making the noodles one morning whilst walking past the stall.

There is a stall here selling curry laksa and assam laksa. My aunty who has since migrated, loved to order a bowl of mixed laksa but I never tried them though. The stall next to it sells the usual chu cheung fun. Apart from these, there is a new stall selling mixed rice which sees a steady stream of customers packing their rice.

Those days you can order from these stalls freely when you sit inside Yut Kee but at one time Yut Kee were cheesed off with them for not clearing their dishes fast enough that they banned them altogether. These days you could order from the hawkers but Yut Kee imposes a surcharge for that. Some of these stalls are closed on Mondays.

Lane behind Yut Kee02

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boo_licious said...

Thanks for the info. I did spy those stalls one day and been meaning to go back and eat there. What abt the popiah stall? Is it nice?

Babe_KL said...

sorry boo_licious, i never noticed there is a popiah stall there, hence never try before. on certain days there is one man who came by to sell vegetarian snacks which are yummy. catch him if you could.

Anonymous said...

hey babe,nice post.The CKT is of the KL style variety where dark soya sauce is used.It is a favourite of my wife.
The mee rebus has certainly changed hands many times.However I still think that it is one of the better ones in KL.I make it a point of having a plate everytime I come back to KL

Jackson said...

U really drive me crazy! I love prawn mee!!! especially those full flavour prawn broth, mix wt those kangkong and half boiled egg with the special sambal....ohh...gosh... thx for sharing!!

Babe_KL said...

thanks patrick but you should try the rosli mee rebus at masjid india area. its located behind haniffa.

no problem jackson, there is another good prawn noodle stall at jalan san peng, opposite the flats, can't missed it. there is one Indian shrine 2 stalls away

Anonymous said...

Dear Babe
Thks for post..been yonks since eating in that area..btw wheres the best place to park now? The Mee Yoke looks just like the real McCoy..however imho the CKT [KL-style] cannot hold a candle to the Penang variety. Love it to bits..
Keep up the good work..I mean Happy eating :)

Babe_KL said...

hello ET, have you phoned home? LOL just teasing. hmmm best place to park errr would be Wilayah Complex??? in the morning there are plenty of parking lots behind the white building (Jalan Raja Abdullah, opposite RA Nasi Lemak)

as to which CKT tastes better I guess it depends on the individual. everyone will have their own faves and usually I dont argue or claim which is the best. IMHO there is no best in everything cos each of us are different, yeah? happy eating to you too

Anonymous said...

Thks Babe..parking at Wilayah? a bit dicey crossing with all that traffic..dont want to end up as ayam gelek haha..think I'll try to park on Raja Abdullah side..btw the mee rebus at masjid India looks should try the mee rebus hamid and zainab at taman melawati town centre-its the stall at the food court facing the road.
can gtte its like what u get fr Penang..

Babe_KL said...

ET, there is a traffic light for pedestrian crossing over from wilayah complex else illegal parking around Yut Kee haha. thanks for your recommendation, i heard from my colleague about this one at melawati

Anonymous said...

Babe, thanks for the tip on Rosli Mee Rebus.I will definately give it a try when I visit in January.The picture sure looks good though.

Tummythoz said...

I was there for the Prawn Mee recently & it is authentically Pg style with pork ribs infused soup!! Thumbs up, actually toes too. ;)
Noted most patrons were having the Mee Rebus though.
Didn't know they serve Pg style Lor Mee too. Is it the type I blogged before? Been looking for it all over KL!

Babe_KL said...

where are you located now patrick? seriously this rosli mee rebus is one of the better ones i've tasted. best if you add in the tauhu goreng together as the peanut sauce make the mee rebus gravy tastier. otherwise you can order the tauhu separately just to taste the mee rebus gravy alone

tummythoz, thanks for confirming that. i knew the couple from this stall is from Penang and yes their loh meen is exactly like in your blog except no spare sparts. aiyoh me craving for one bowl now but cant go cos i'm relocating today

Anonymous said...

Hey babe,I live in Toronto, Canada.Great blogs like yours keep me in touch with food in Malaysia.Blog on!

Anonymous said...

Dah lama tak pigi sana.....ingat dah setahun lebih...

dulu kerja kat sana senang lah...
sekarang sudah pigi jauh, susah sikit lor.

backStreetGluttons said...

yeah, this is an authentic place worthy of being included in the Heritage Row. Great taste, and good old fashion original food !

Babe_KL said...

awww man, Patrick! i've visited toronto before and it's so nice. wished i could go back there some time.

anon, lu boleh pi sabtu dan ahad ma

tonixe, just pray because of the development in that area won't let DBKL chase these hawkers away!!!!

Anonymous said...

Babe, I have heard of the CKT there and have been dying to go. Is there only one CKT stall there? I dun wanna go to the wrong one. :)

Babe_KL said...

yes james, there's only one CKT stall but this one the style very different from those u r used to