Thursday, 5 October 2006

Review: We're Going Ducky Duck Today!!!

**Non-Halal Post**

Yay! I finally got the pictures haha yeah so that I can post this up to intro another place for yummy roast duck! It's one of my fave place for reasonabily priced roasted meat far cheaper than Meng Kee and the siew yoke stall opposite QQ Car Accessories Shop in Pudu. Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Duck is located under the zinc roof along Jalan Pasar. It's right at the end of the row of shophouses that sell all those electronics stuff. Behind this stall used to be a petrol kiosk which now spots signage that mention "Restoran Sure Good Delight". If you're lost, just look for Pusat Makanan Peng Hwa, a large hawker centre along Jalan Pasar, Soon Fatt is just opposite this hawker centre.

This is one of the banner found in this stall, check out the logo haha a duck wearing a crown. Apparently Huai Bin of SixthSeal had visited this place sometime back. Check out his entry here. The first picture is how Soon Fatt looked like from Jalan Pasar.

soon fatt - banner

I went with 9 other colleagues so we ordered a bit of every roasted meat they have. The boss whom I used to see chopping up meats is running around settling patrons and taking orders! He had gotten more help these days. I can see more ducks hanging from the display too! Business must be so good these days.

They have this Sesame Roasted Duck which is currently on offer - half duck for RM13, RM24 for one whole duck. All I have to say is the sesame studded skin is very crispy and the meat is tender. Can detect some five spice powder when I sucked on the bones. Superb indeed. Err sorry for the missing pieces of duck on the plate. My hungry colleagues on the other side of the table attacked them before I had a chance to shoot a pic.

soon fatt - ji mah siew ngap

The following pic showed Roasted Chicken on the left and the Beijing-styled Roasted Duck on the right. The chicken is pretty normal but the duck meat is moist and full of meat unlike some places where the duck is dry and full of bones. Again the skin is crispy because Soon Fatt tends to do a quick deep-fry of the duck just before chopping and serving to patrons. I can't really differentiate what's the difference with the duck done Beijing style and the normal ones but some kind of herbs can be tasted.

soon fatt - siew kai & siew ngap

Everyone loved the char siu (barbeque pork)!!! The fat and meat portion is pretty balanced out with the outsides not overly charred. Sweetish but NOT sickly sweet like Meng Kee! A winner here as with the Roasted Pork (siew yuk). Crispy skin, snowy white fat layers with tender meat, very yummy indeed. If you feel a little adventurous, you can try making your own siew yuk, the recipe can be found here.

soon fatt - char siew n siew yuk

All these yummy roasted meat were served with a huge portion of yau farn (rice cooked in chicken broth, garlic, ginger and sometimes margarine) and I really mean huge ok...! They have tzuen lart ghai choy (mustard green cooked with loads of left over meats and assam keping) which we did not order. I had them previously and they tasted pretty good with the right amount of zing.

Price wise, Soon Fatt is pretty reasonable... all the above with 10 portions of rice and 9 glasses of herbal tea costed RM99.70. What do you think?

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  1. Waaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! Drroooollllll!!!!!

    I shall have to check it out!

  2. Waaah.... I think if I go to Soon Fatt, I will also be fat soon.

  3. Oh, I have seen this place as I'm always stuck in a traffic jam right in front of it. Sounds good. Is the Siu Yoke here nicer than the one in Jalan Nyonya?

  4. i gian crispy donald

  5. babe, ducky is always my favourite and da one u had really looks good! unfortunately, i can't eat ducky too often cause my shoulder intends to ache whenever i have it....:(

  6. happy eating PabloPabla

    julian, once in a while ok lah not like ask you to eat there everyday :p

    boo_licious, i'm surprised you didn't check out this place since you frequent that area a lot. IMHO the siew yuk here is not as fatty as that Jalan Nyonya stall. somehow the fat texture is denser and not oily like. each time after eating at Jalan Nyonyo I feel very "jelak" until evening. have to drink lots of Chinese tea hehe

    but you just made keung ngar ngap wor mike!!!

    meiyen, eat once in a long long while like me haha cos my work area dont hv duck rice place unless we drive out

  7. *saliva dripping on keyboard* Just had sei-ngan-chai roast duck a day ago & now your pic tempts me with the sesame roast! They open for dinner tonite?

  8. oops sorry to inform that its open during lunch only

  9. RM24 for a whole duck!!? That's very cheap! if the quality also not bad, then must be the best deal in the town already.

  10. tekko, promo now for the sesame roasted duck only!!! hurry go grab some :p

  11. hi, were there any halal food stalls at pusat makanan peng hwa?

  12. Nfd Rml, Peng Hwa hawker centre was demolished some years back


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