Friday, 6 October 2006

More Vegetarian Fare From Blue Boy Food Centre

Since today is 15th of the lunar 8th month, here are a few more pictures of the vegetarian fare served at Blue Boy Food Centre.

This is how the char kuey teow looks like but this plate is a mixture of kuey teow (flat rice noodles) and yellow noodles. Not very oily and well coated with eggs (if you're a Vegan, please tell them to spare the eggs) with loads of beans sprouts and vegetarian fishcake.

blue boy - ckt

To accompany chee cheung fun (flat rice noodles), there are at least 5 to 6 types of yong tau foo (stuffed beancurd or vegetables, 60 sens a piece) for you to pick, ranging from bitterguord, brinjal, beancurd, foo chuk, meatball, red chillies and ladiesfinger. Best to be topped off with fragrant toasted sesame seeds over the bean and chilli sauce.

blue boy - ccf wid ytf

I tell you this is the one and only place in Kuala Lumpur so far that serves limau ais/panas (hot/cold calamansi) with three whole limau kasturi (calamansi)!!!! Another time I was there, I found four!!! Usually at the mamak stalls the most is just one or at the best two. Needless to say it's one of the most flavourful limau ais/panas I ever enjoyed.

blue boy - limau ais

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  1. happy mid autumn festival.

    Like the calamansi drink. Try blending the whole fruit as juice. love that better with a lil salt

  2. wah, u really a true blue kl city gurl eh? so many places u rekomen oso i dunno where to dig it out! but the CKT looks damn wicked!

  3. waiseh....da ckt looks yum yum.... *drool* i am not too sure where's jln tong shin it near da tong shin hospital? wondering if they open on weekends...

  4. babe

    by right , vegetarian food should be halal right?:P

    looks tempting la.

  5. chocolat, in case u forgotten, u asked *exactly the same question* in babe's blue boy food centre review.

  6. observer

    hahaha...did i?

    well thanks for pointing it out. :P

  7. mike, i always drink dat blended calamansi outside, too lazy to wash up just for one glass of juice :p

    haha yes i am sooi2

    yes yes meiyen, it's near tong shin hospital. check out my previous post for the map.

    kakakaka berapa kali nak tanya ni, chocolalat :p after ramadhan you come over to KL to have lunch lah, i bring you there :D

    you hv very good memory observer, are you stupe?? :p LOL

  8. Quite obvious the CKT got no CYC right?

  9. I also ate here recently. Guess I will post my vege selection one of these days! Love the CKT - so yummy.

  10. i was told the tom yum is nice here but i have yet to try, boo_licious. always ended up with CKT haha


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