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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 13 October 2004

Yesterday Was Just Not My Day

It's such a disastrous day! I meant yesterday...

It started first thing in the morning, tried to call Unker T but no ringing tone at all was heard on my mobile. However, the stewpit message came that a call was made thru and 10 sen was deducted. Well, not that I'm kiamsap (stingy in a Chinese dialect - Hokkien) over that 10 sen but hey, I did not hear anything at all, aiyoh.

Asked my fellow colleague to try using his mobile and it can call. Next I asked Mr BamBam to try slotting my sim into his mobile. He managed to call Gummi Bear. Eh but then both phones got hung after the call. Eeeeekkkk!!!!

I slot the sim back to mine and IT WORKED again!!!! Arggghhhh... Oh dear and my warranty is expiring end of this month. Means I gotta find time to drop by the service centre soon! Sighhh...

Next came Mr L whom paged me on MSN Messenger. The moment his message popped up... guess what?? My mouse died. I bought it 3 days ago grrrrrr.....! Restarted PC, and it's still not working sighhhh... Thank goodness my trusty 10 year old mouse is still working fine.

Things don't seem to move smoothly there after. My PC slowed down, so i scanned it for spyware. Restarted and I can't seems to get my mail going. Arrghhhh!!!!! Took the mail about 10 mins just to open... does this means something or what?!?!

Came afternoon... my Yahoo Messenger died on me and at the same time, my mail is giving out error whilst sending/receiving. Arrrggghhhhhh... Its just not my day! Bwwwaaaahawaaaa...

Restarted again and again and again... I lost count actually!

Everything seems to be working fine around 5pm except the sky decided to pour heavily at the perfectly chosen hour :-( and I've got yoga at 6.30pm sighhh...

Thank goodness, the rain decided to slow down to a drizzle and I managed to reach gym on time but to discover that my yoga instructor has not recovered from his last week's accident. Hmmm... luckily they substituted with body balance. After some nice stretches and balance I'm all well and going. Felt extremely great after a nice hot shower.....

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