Tuesday 5 October 2004

Heard of Agar-agar Cake?

Agar-agar either come in strips or powdered. They're mainly used in Asian homes to make jelly and can be found easily as compared with gelatin. I guess its popular here cos the Muslims can use it without worrying its source since they're made from certain type of algae or seaweed. The texture of this jelly is kinda firm and one can actually use toothpick or fork to pick them up as compared with jello.

I've tried this agar-agar the first time in the office on one of my colleague's birthday. His wi fe sent him a cake made from agar-agar. We have a great time staring at the cake cos it came errrr with a bikini babe lying on a bed hahahaha... yeah that's the shape of the cake, no joke ok.

Anyway, I managed to get the number from him and ordered 2 such cakes for a couple of birthdays. The madam said she have lots designs available to choose from!!! Gosh, so mind boggling... anyway I just called up and she suggested the shapes and then I just go to her home (yeah she's home based) to collect my cake on designated date.

The cake is actually made from layers of clear and santan (coconut milk) agar-agar. The clever usage of vegetable colourings actually made it looked very nice and interesting. As for the taste, its really nice and firm. Its indeed something different from the usual birthday cakes with creams. Great for children parties as its not messy at all. My 2 year old touched his cake and voila his finger still clean hehehe but not that part of the cake though :p

These are the 2 designs I've ordered so far...

Sports car

and my boiboi's fave - Barney!

Boiboi was so excited when he saw Barney that he jumped up and down on his seat!!! There you go, one happy little customer!


  1. darling.... you've just reminded me!!! i wannnn my agar agar cake!!! and NOT the barney one... **pouts** pls pls pls?? **blink blink blink**


  2. haha... when is our next rendezvous??? see if i can order or not :p so wat design u fancy?

  3. make mine like a gummy bear!!!

  4. Hi "Babe in the City", thanks for including my blog to your links. Much appreciated and look forward to more foodie posts from your exploits. Cheers!

  5. weezy, noted ;)

    fatman seoul, hey, i'm surprised of u dropping by hehe. well, i'm slow in updating :p

  6. Hi babe_kl,

    Thanks for posting a link to my site! Love the cakes, they look really cute. =)

  7. Hi Reid,
    Glad you found your way here. I wasn't ready to publicise myself yet, still a jr blogger :p

    This cake is not only cute but they're delicious too!

  8. Can i have the number for the agar2 cake maker??

  9. You can try place order online at www.jellycakehouse.com or call 03-91057479. I just recently ordered few for my nephew's birthday and house warming party.

  10. Hello, may i know where the mdm's place is located? will be in malacca, don't think it's gonna be possible to get it there right?

    Thank you!


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