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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 19 October 2004

Ciccio Pasticcio Bar & Pizzeria

**No photos for this review**

This place is a discovery of sort recently even though it has been around for some years nearby my office. Never got to check out this place until yesterday. I was kinda overloaded with the very lemak (rich) curry chicken gravy that I had for lunch. So I wanted something light and so was hubby.

So we took a walk down the road and saw Ciccio blue neon. Told hubby that this place serves wood fire pizza and in we went. The menu listed down salads, soups, appetizers (I can only recall soft shelled crabs and calamari) and bruschetta (a long list too) for starters. There were some main courses, pasta and of course pizza. I was impressed with the range of pizza they serving. Its 2 pages long mind you.

Anyway since we wanted light, we ordered Al Funghi bruschetta (RM12) and Contadina Pizza (RM25). The bruschetta came with sliced sautéed fresh mushroom topped with brie. The thickness of the French bread was just nice, not too thick nor too thin, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Looks like its lightly brushed with olive oil. My only regret about this dish was the slice of brie… its just too thinly sliced and looked miserably lonely on top there haha. They should have been slightly generous there as they have with the mushroom.

Then came the Contadina Pizza. It’s about 12” in diameter. A very generous size for two of us. It looked great with a tomato based sauce and I can see lots of toppings there – sliced chicken sausages; mushrooms, sliced peppers in yellow, red and green; onion rings; and generously topped with mozzarella. There is one vegetable in there that I could not identify though, its like a heart of some leafy vegetables. Anyhow, it blended well there. The base is crispy and has a nice smoky flavour. You can actually watch the chef whip your pizza at the bar counter. The wood fire oven is just next to the bar. For me, this is well worth than the same amount spent at fast food or take away pizza anytime!

Can’t believe it when hubby asked for dessert menu cos I knew he was kinda full already. I guess it’s hard to resist. He ordered a Cassata alla Siciliana (RM14). Something like layered cake/biscuit with ricotta cheese and Sicilian ice-cream. This one tasted frozen. Wished they have at least let it stand for a while before serving or do the short cut way – zap in the microwave over for a few seconds. Tasted like vanilla ice-cream in between the layer of cake like biscuit. It also has candied peels in it.

I like its straightforwardness in the cooking style and ingredients used and the place displayed intimate candle lit tables, rustic décor and if you chose to sit outside at the terrace, you can listen to the water trickling down its water feature on one wall. It gave a warm and easy feeling, so as the service and the patrons too.

Ciccio Pasticcio Bar & Pizzeria
15 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603)2141 8605

(Its located on the same row as Frangipani and its behind Little Havana.)


Anonymous said...

i am guessing that the vegetable is chicory.


Anonymous said...

its chicory darling. they used dat to make bbq sauce oso to gip it the smokey smell...


Anonymous said...

Think weezy is rite. It sounds like chicory or endives!

Thanks for yr blog. Found a friend vide one of yr links also. Keep it up.


Babe_KL said...

Thank you girls.

Eh Kylie, so fast someone linked me already?? Who may I know?

Anonymous said...

Babe jie jie, one of your interesting blogs links. The person is boyfriend's uni mate.