Friday, 8 October 2004

More Layered Goodies?

Can you stomach another layered goodie? Hehheh, please bear with me, we have lots of birthday recently and I've yummilicious cakes to recommend ;-) So hang on there!

This one is Pandan Layered Cake from Golden Bake at SS2, PJ. The decor is plain and simple. Just scattering of some dessicated coconut and squirts of butter cream flowers. My family liked this cos they don't fancy cakes topped with loads of cream.

Here's the close-up of the cross section:

Pandan leaf is akin to the usage of vanilla essense/pod in the western world. Asians used pandan leaf and essence in both sweet and savoury recipes. When the leaves are crushed, it emit a subtle fragrant. At times, these leaves are left in the pantry or cabinets to prevent invasion of pests.

This cake consisted of 2 types of layering - sponge cake and a paste made from arrowroot flour (the brand well known is Hoen Kwe which is easily available at sundry shops or supermarkets). Both of which are flavoured with pandan essense. The sponge cake texture is fine and smooth. It went well with the pandan paste. Even though both were made with pandan flavouring, it does not emit an overly strong pandan flavour. This cake, I liked it chilled and best of all its not very sweet. Just nice in my opinion.

They have another version made of taro. I like the taro one too. Well, if you order the cake a day earlier, you can ask them to have half a cake made of pandan and the other half made of taro.

Get this cake here:
Golden Bake Cake House
Jalan SS2/67,
Tel: +603-7876 6417

Its just next to Lim Mee Yoke kopitiam. If you feel like whipping one yourself, the recipe is here.

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