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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 1 July 2013

Review: Lai Foong Beef Noodles @ Taman Taynton View, Cheras


This was the day where Malaysians went out in full force to vote for their government. Capt'n Hook have to take his mother to cast her vote in Cheras and after that I need to hurry to Kepong to do my duty. In between we need to have our lunch and off we went for Lai Foong Beef Noodles. I have only knew of this branch in Taman Taynton View last year but never got round to check it out until Edward's brother at the old Lai Foong urged us to come here to pay Edward a visit. He mentioned that it's air conditioned in Cheras so it's more comfortable however the prices are higher but compensated with larger portion.

You see, Edward was Capt'n Hook's colleague back in their banking days aeons ago. He quit his desk job five years ago to start this branch. His wife have learnt to cooked them beef dishes and is helping out in the kitchen. However on the day we were there, it was so jammed pack that Edward can't even take 5 to say hi. We managed to catch up though last Monday. He told us that when he first started out, the 2 years were very quiet until the newspapers highlighted Lai Foong existence in Cheras. Then business just went boom!

BoiBoi was having a grumpy time as he said he doesn't want to eat noodles but you know we don't always give in to him even though most times we'll oblige. So when he was given the menu, he gave me his grumpy look and pointed at this "What!!!??! You want me to eat this???" *chuckle* Yeah right!

We did asked Edward, what is their best seller and in a jest he pointed at the bull penis too!! Not sure if he was just pulling our legs but he said they got sold off quickly. Not that he makes a lot, just "punn thiu" (half a length) and based on my memory of a food show, bull penis can be quite long :p

Bull penis

Since we're not big fans of offal, it's always lean meat and beef balls for me and I like mine with lai fun (a type of rice noodles) (RM7.00 a bowl). We knew the broth was cooked for many hours in a huge tank (almost the height of my chest) at their KL HQ as Edward's brother was preparing them when we were there a couple of months ago. Forgot to ask if MSG is used but I dun really feel that thirsty even after downing the broth.

Lean meat & Beef Balls Lai Fun Soup (RM7.00)

Since grumpy BoiBoi didn't want to have noodles, so he was happy to see his favourite fried rice on the menu. This Beef Fried Rice (RM8.00) was quite generous in portion and ingredients. Filled with wok hei too!

Beef Fried Rice (RM8.00)

So was the Fried Beef Noodles (RM7.50) which Capt'n Hook ordered as an extra dish after seeing almost every other table have a plate of these.

Fried Beef Noodles (RM7.50)

Edward mentioned that they might have to close for a few days during Hari Raya Aidil Fitri as their beef supplier will be closed since many of their workers are Muslims. So do call up before turning up, but horrr we tried calling before and no one picked up the phone cos they were just too busy :p

It was sad to note that our other favourite noodles place Restoran 3U along the main road Jalan Dato Haji Harun had closed and replaced with another food place.

Restoran Lai Foong Beef Noodle
8 Jalan Nadchatiram, 
Taman Taynton View, 
Off Jalan Cheras, 
56000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6012-2133 321
GPS Coordinates: 3.089158, 101.734214
Business hours: Daily 8.00am to 4.00pm. Closed on Tuesdays unless it falls on a public holiday.


Sean said...

Wah, all the three dishes u guys ordered look delish. But if I could choose only one tho, I'd go for cap'n hook's fried noodles! :D

Ciki said...

wow yes the portions do look generous..must try this la;)

Baby Sumo said...

We come here almost every week for the beef noodles. :)

Babe_KL said...

Sean, he ate one bowl of noodles and we shared that delicious fried hor fun! Must order at each table ok!

Yes Ciki, you must!!!

Baby Sumo, hahaha every week? We're still not so hard core yet

fatty said...

Yeah my fav is also restaurant 3U. Do you have any idea whether they moved or closed down completely? Thanks.