Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ramadhan Recipe 2: Zespri Kiwifruit & Green Chilli Sambal With Salad Platter

How did you enjoy the Zespri Kiwifruit & Prawn Tom Yum Soup? Yummy huh with the right tang and surprisingly the kiwifruit wedges worked so well in soup.

The next recipe is this Zespri Kiwifruit & Green Chilli Sambal with Salad Platter! I've made this entirely on my own for the shoot of this photo :p painstakingly pounded the green sambal with a mortar & pestle with lots of splatters and love. You can do this with a food processor or mini chopper, just pulse and don't let the blade run continuously as you would want some chunky bits.

Green Sambal
Click on the recipe card above to view a larger version on my flickr album

On a side note, there is something very interesting to share here for fans of Rohani hehehe... you see the  platter in the picture? We actually arranged everything nicely and waiting to carry it out for the photographer. Rohani then started eating the extra veggies with the sambal. The next thing you know, all of us in the kitchen did the same hahaha... next, Rohani asked if we have any rice and suddenly it became our quick lunch break!

If you have followed me on Instagram (babe_kl), you should have seen the pic I've posted up in reference to the ultimate Malay comfort food of sambal, fried fish, ulam and masak lemak :D Guess whose hand that was?

Here's to another fabulous day of kiwifruit goodness to break fast with ;-)

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